State tells Sharonville abortion clinic to close


One of the Cincinnati area’s two abortion providers, Women’s Med in Sharonville, has been denied a reprieve from the state’s move to revoke its license to operate.


This particular abortion provider has earned the state’s distrust in the past, but the closure reflects a bigger pattern. Quoting from the news article:

*Ohio had 14 abortion clinics at the start of 2013 and could soon be down to seven. At issue in several cases is a law passed in June as part of the state’s two-year budget. The new rule prohibits abortion clinics from forming a patient-transfer agreement with a taxpayer-funded public hospital.

The law forces abortion clinics to look to private hospitals for patient-transfer agreements. But many private hospitals, even those not affiliated with religious groups, won’t enter into agreements with abortion clinics. And if they won’t agree to accept an abortion clinic’s patients, that clinic might have to close*


The bigger pattern is that it is little more than a conspiracy to thwart a woman’s right to choose by creating extremely burdensome operating criteria for these clinics. The doctors at this facility have admitting privileges at public hospitals in Cincinnati. So the State changed the rules last year to require admittance privileges for local private hospitals only. There is no doubt in my mind that this regulation will be torn to shreds in the courts.


I’m torn. Of course I want all abortion clinics closed and abortion illegal. On the other hand, as long as abortions are legal I certainly want any women that might need hospital transfer due to complications to get the care they need at the closest hospital. I certainly don’t want my taxes paying for abortion but I also don’t want women’s health further risked because they can’t go to the closest hospital if they need transfer, just because it’s a public hospital.

It’s a mess. The best thing is for abortion to made illegal again.


Even it goes to court, it may be too late for this abortion clinic and any others that may close because of the regulation.


The Sharonville clinic had been operating without a hospital transfer agreement since at least 2010, but had a variance from the Department of Health giving it permission to operate because its doctors could admit patients at Cincinnati hospitals. The variance was first granted under the Gov. Ted Strickland administration and then renewed by Wymyslo under the Gov. John Kasich administration, but Wymyslo last year moved to decline the variance.

In his final order Friday, Wymyslo said he was concerned that the clinic had not requested approval for the addition of two back-up doctors in 2012. There were “credentialing and disciplinary issues” regarding those doctors, he said


You probably are right, but could you explain your reasoning?

I ask because the lawsuit filed in October by the ACLU was based upon, what amounts to, a legal technicality. Quoting from their Fact Sheet regarding the lawsuit:

Why are we suing?

H.B. 59 violates the One-Subject Rule under the Ohio Constitution, which requires that all legislation contain only one subject. Because H.B. 59 is a budget bill, all provisions of H.B. 59 must relate to the State’s budget and the appropriation of state funding.

The three parts we are challenging, the Heartbeat and Informed Consent Provisions, the Written Transfer Agreement Provisions and the Pregnancy and Parenting Program Provisions, are not related to the budget and do not involve the appropriation of state funds.

The entire legal complaint (which I have not read :blush: ) is at:


The bigger pattern is simply to save the lives of those most innocent human beings. The conspiracy is to call this killing something other than what it really is to ease their conscience.


The law constitutes an unconstitutional burden with zero legitimate compelling interest. The State cannot demonstrate a legitimate/constitutional reason why it should require written transfer agreements exclusively with private hospitals. There simply isn’t one.

You’re not going to succeed by making futile end runs around the Constitution.


State tells Sharonville abortion clinic to close

Thanks be to God!


Count me in on the thanks as well.

Even if it is able to re-open, many children will be saved through it not being open for even a limited time.


yes this is deff great news, and to cry and moan about a woman not being able to get medical attention in the argument of well what if there is an emergency and an abortion has to take place to save the mother, that argument is a joke to think that since this one is closing there by another one has to be near by " just in case " or for a " woman to have the right to chose ". The just in case scenario is bogus because any modern hospital in America is able to perform such an operation if such an emergency were to arise at any life threatening moment upon the hypothetical mother in question, and if that argument isn’t good enough then do research on what the church already says on the issue in that specific regard. An for the pro-life pro choice debate, pretty easy to just state which side you are on. The what ifs’ are pointless in the pro-life pro-choice debate .

and emperor

You’re not going to succeed by making futile end runs around the Constitution.

I took this to suggest some how you mean that abortion is some how a constitutional right, it isn’t . Nothing that is being done to stop abortion is a futile effort nor an attempt to run around a non existent constitutional right/ though I think what you meant is that it is a law that was passed. Any law we currently have can be brought up into question and there by over turned at any moment in time.

I think the only thing that can be certain is that Pandora’s box has been opened and it will be very hard to close.

Though with the glorious kings new medical care package why worry at all, Obama care should have all this stuff figured out and those who are crying about this death clinic should be relieved they will still get medical treatment or an abortion else where at the tax payers expense.


=EmperorNapoleon;11621985]The bigger pattern is that it is little more than a conspiracy to thwart a woman’s right to choose by creating extremely burdensome operating criteria for these clinics.

There is no such thing as a right to an abortion.

There is no doubt in my mind that this regulation will be torn to shreds in the courts.

But based on left-wing principles, regulations are there to help people, do they not? :eek:

You’re not going to succeed by making futile end runs around the Constitution.

Like social liberals do when they talk about so-called gay “marriage”, and abortion being Constitutional rights? :rolleyes:




I think this speaks to the reality that it’s NOT the top doctors who become abortionists. Many people think Gosnell was an obgyn and eventually limited his practice to the very lucrative but disgusting late term abortions. In fact he had no specialty training in obgyn and because of his ineptitude obviously could not get privileges in a local hospital. You will also not that many of these stories of late term abortions the women are told NOT to call 911 or go to a hospital but to call the abortion clinic. Again, they are hiding their unsanitary or unsafe practices.

There is more and more pressure upon doctors NOT to perform abortions,particularly the late term abortions. You’re then left with the failures like Gosnell and in demanding that these clinics’ staff be credentialed at a hospital, you weed out the really scary dangerous ones.



Fascinating. Its like you guys are stuck in a pre-Roe v Wade time warp. Explains a lot.

Only when the purpose of the regulation is to mitigate risk. :wink:

Indeed they are.


Great news!! Hopefully the state will shut them all down eventually, the next thing we can hope for is the prosecutors office to charge and arrest the people that worked there for 1st degree murder… I know, wishful thinking!

IMO, if a women is evil enough to have an abortion, she needs to consider the possibilities that could result, like not being able to visit certain hospitals if something happens…it is their choice to kill, so it is up to them to find some place willing to take care of such people in case they need medical care from a botched abortion, I know if I owned a hospital, I would not allow them to be treated. My opinion anyway. I have little to no sympathy for killers of babies.


As long as Gov Kasich has a pen… Or does that only work for Barack Obama?


It’s worked for every President since George Washington. Kasich doesn’t have the authority to do this by executive order though.


Abortion is man killing an unborn baby. There are Far too many women getting pregnant when they Could Choose to prevent conceiving a child. When a woman chooses to have a sexual relationship with a man, she Should stop to realize that she Could be pregnant as a result – her body is nurturing the development of another human being. And , of course, the same thing applies to the man involved. After all - pregnancy Does involve two people.
There should be No abortion clinics – if a woman ends up pregnant due to being raped or as a result of incest – both are against the law. Both need to be reported to the police. Those cases would affect the woman’s emotional / psychological health. But to kill an innocent baby. :frowning:
Men and women need to take more personal responsibility for their actions.

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