State will seek death penalty for Casey Anthony

In a reversal of its previous position, the state will now seek the death penalty for 23 year old Casey Anthony for the murder of her two year old daughter, Caylee.

I’ve been following this case closely from the beginning. While I get no pleasure out of this news, I sincerely hope that girl never sees the light of day again. Her behavior and what she did to that poor little baby is just beyond words.

I really hope they go after her parents next for obstruction of justice charges. :mad:

I,too, have been following this case. I think she is guilty, but does not warrant the death penalty.

Life in prison without parole. Even with her cunning and manipulation, I don’t think she could manage to escape.

I agree about her parents (especially her Mom). She has been obstructing justice from the very beginning!

I have also been following the case. There was duct tape around Caylee’s head with a heart sticker imprint on the tape. Forensic computer searches show that Casey searched “neck breaking” and “chloroform”. There’s so much more evidence. Personally, I don’t care what she gets as long as she is found guilty.

I feel sad about the death penalty, because if she gets life in prison that gives her more time to repent and the chances of the loss of her soul are lessened. Maybe she could do her hell on earth and in the end save her soul?

That to me would be the best thing.

The woman in SC who drowned her kids I believe was sentenced to life in prison. I’m not sure that there is anything about this case which would convince me that the defendant needs to be executed. Killing her would not make anyone safer nor would it be a deterrent to others.

“In 1994, a South Carolina mother named Susan Smith drowned her two children in a lake and told police they had been abducted. She is serving a life sentence.”

I only support the death penalty for those who will be a continued danger in prison. Casey Anthony is not such a person - it seems like she was a confused, possibly mentally ill young women who did something very terrible. I believe she is guilty, but I don’t think she’s the worst person to ever walk the Earth, and I think the people who wait outside her house to stone her family and use their children as protest tools by having them wear signs that say “How could you kill a child like me?” are being highly inappropriate. Instead of standing around yelling at everyone who does something bad, you go do something constructive. Work for a young mom crisis center, give money to abused children’s charities. Apparently she wanted to give Caylee up for adoption and her parents pressured her not to even though she’d shown horrible irresponsibility. We really need to focus on improving adoption as an option - this is the best way to prevent abortion and horrific scenarios like these.

Side note: to a previous poster, I don’t condemn anyone based on Google searches. While Casey Anthony doesn’t strike me as an information seeker, I am a very curious person and i have searched many suspicious things. ACtually, I searched chloroform after hearing it mentioned in this case because i didn’t know whati twas. And I researched neck-breaking at one point out of curiosity about pararlysis. I’ve at some point or another researched many different diseases, drugs, crimes, fetishes, random celebrities, and just any topic that comes to mind. So I don’t like to judge based on such circumstantial evidence as in this case. But considering she didn’t tell anyone for a month Caylee was missing, and didn’t seem to care much or be looking for her, I’m pretty sure she did it. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was accidental though - because obviously she would be the mean suspect if it was planned murder.

Casey, is mentally unstable, but she is not a threat to others, the death penalty is too harsh. One life has already been lost way should we take the chance of loosing a soul along with that life?

This is such a sad case, I will pray for her repentance.

I strongly disagree that Casey isn’t a threat to others.

There are many that believe that she may have actually been planning on killing her parents due to some of the evidence that came out. At the very least, she is a sociopath who planned out a murder on her own child. This was not an accident or a crime of passion. This woman is a danger to others and should never, ever be out on the streets again. Ever.

I’ll be happy if she gets life in prison (no parole).

I totally agree that she needs to never be free to roam with the public again. But I don’t think that the death penalty is the answer.

The woman is obviously out of her mind. In prison, she won’t be a threat to anyone (in society, yes, but she won’t be taking a shank and overpowering a prison guard). It would be inhumane to kill her; put her away for life.

I don’t know anything at all about this case and the woman may in fact be insane but that isn’t something we should assume simply because of the horrible nature of the crime. Evil exists and is at least as likely an explanation in this case as insanity.

It would be inhumane to kill her; put her away for life.

Some crimes deserve the death penalty as just punishment. It is not a question of being inhumane; it is rather the obligation of justice.


Perhaps. Most of her actions seem to point to total irrationality, if not insanity.

Some crimes deserve the death penalty as just punishment. It is not a question of being inhumane; it is rather the obligation of justice.


The Church disagrees with that. According to the Catechism, the death penalty is acceptable only for the safety of society at large. This is what it says:

2267 The traditional teaching of the Church does not exclude, presupposing full ascertainment of the identity and responsibility of the offender, recourse to the death penalty, when this is the only practicable way to defend the lives of human beings effectively against the aggressor.
If, instead, bloodless means are sufficient to defend against the aggressor and to protect the safety of persons, public authority should limit itself to such means, because they better correspond to the concrete conditions of the common good and are more in conformity to the dignity of the human person.

There’s room for disagreement when it comes to dangerous triple murderers, serial killers, and others who would represent a legitimate threat to fellow inmates or prison guards, but Casey Anthony is not threatening in that way. I don’t see, then, how the death penalty can be justified in this case applying the guidelines that the Catechism provides.

this case caught my attention from the beginning. i think casey anthony is very self centered and is good at manipulating people.
i feel sad everytime i see a video of her little girl.
i recently saw casey’s parents on video during a deposition for zanaida gonzales or “the nanny” and they had terrible behavior during the questioning by zanaida’s lawyer. they were outraged. they obviously have a lot of denial about their daughter.

however, i feel the media is giving this case too much coverage. i am tired of hearing about it. i am tired of the publicity around the case. it is all about casey now, and not about her little daughter. i don’t want to give this mother any more attention or her parents.
it is a family tragedy which shows how sick our american family has become.

I don’t think it’s so much all about Casey as it is about those who have been following the case so long are waiting for justice to be served for little Caylee. The media may be exploiting that a bit, but I think that’s why the interest is still there.

The duct tape across the mouth with the heart sticker says it all. :frowning:

I do wish that the media would concentrate on other cases, such as Hayleigh Cummings. She’s still missing and it’s like the networks have forgotten her already.

i agree. everyone seems to have forgotten about hayleigh. she has to be somewhere.
i would like to see closure on that case. the case of 8 year old sandra cantu of california was also very disturbing. it seems that young girls are not safe in our culture anymore.
what does that say about us as a country?
if you watch nancy grace, the casey anthony story monopolizes almost her entire show.
the focus is always on casey and the parents.
caylee definitely deserves justice, but i am tired of the daily courtroom footage or news about what casey is eating in jail, how she is wearing her hair for her courtroom appearances, that she is binging to lose weight to appear more sympathetic in court.
they will cover the most mundane topics just to have something to talk about.
i think the media needs to leave the case alone until it comes to court. casey is getting much more than her 15 minutes of fame.

I agree about NG’s show. She’s really gone overboard, lol…I still watch, though. Sometimes I like her show, but sometimes she really needs to get a grip!

:yup: she is good when there is a new breaking case, but sometimes that can’t even deter her from the casey anthony case!!!

i can imagine how gravely serious this case is now for the parents of casey anthony knowing that their daughter could get the death penalty. they could lose both their grand daughter and daughter by the time this is all over with.

Section 2267 of the Catechism is at odds not only with what the Church has consistently taught about capital punishment but with other parts of the Catechism itself. It is a prudential opinion with which I disagree

I don’t see, then, how the death penalty can be justified in this case applying the guidelines that the Catechism provides.

The primary objective of punishment is not the protection of society but the redress of the disorder caused by the crime; crime is to punishment as cause is to effect. The state has an obligation to apply a punishment commensurate with the severity of the crime; it is a question of justice, not protection.


I don’t feel we ever have a right to take a life of another unless it is a question of protection. Only God has that right. Our responsiblity is the PROTECTION of life. It is our responsibility to be our brother’s keeper and to help get as many souls to heaven as we can…not to bring about as much justice as we can…that happens when we die, by God Himself.

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