Statement from President on Executive Order


Statement from President on Executive Order


I believe what he says.


It would be easier to believe him if he included in his List of 7 the country that gave us the terrorists who shot up Orlando and San Bernardino. A hang nail is more of a threat to the U.S. than any of those tiddly-wink third-world countries.


A Reminder on the Scale of Trump’s Action

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A Department of Homeland Security official said the travel ban affected 375 travelers, 173 of whom were denied entry to the country prior to boarding flights headed to the U.S. The official said 109 people who were in transit to the U.S. were denied entry and 81 people were granted waivers because of their legal permanent resident or special immigrant visa status. This USA Today report has some more detail: A senior Homeland Security official, who spoke on condition of anonymity to provide an operational update on Trump’s executive order, said the department quickly overhauled its screening procedures after Trump signed the order Friday. The department issued new guidance to its Customs and Border Protection officers in the field and adjusted its computerized targeting system to identify people who are barred entry through the executive order. The official said the order allowed legal permanent residents — known as green-card holders — and foreigners who were granted special visas for Iraqi and Afghan interpreters, to enter after undergoing a full background check and in-person interview. The official said 81 people made it through that process and were allowed to enter the country. The official said Homeland Security’s legal team was reviewing the New York federal judge’s Saturday ruling and that the department would adjust its practices in line with the order.

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Has anything like this ever happened before?

Yes, President Obama barred Iraqi refugees for six months in 2011.

I am not excusing the chaos and mishandling of travelers all over the world, also green card and visa holders. This is shameful. The problem is incompetency; how the order was drafted and released to the agencies. Hopefully it is a learning curve, though it could very well do serious damage to Trump’s credibility on just about everything else he is trying to do. The left is running with the hysteria. Trump: as far as I know not amending the order to fix above issues; in a stupid stand off with the world.


If Trump, the candidate, almost always doubled down on his frequently offensive remarks, surely Trump, now the President, is bound to double down on his orders. And Trump may have no one to advise him to do otherwise, except perhaps family members, who are probably the only people he listens to.


Let me get this straight:

Democrats almost universally support strict, permanent laws requiring background checks on anyone who wants to purchase a firearm.

But when the President issues an Executive Order that initiates a temporary, 120-day freeze on immigration from countries that are known to be soft on terrorism so that the administration can have time to develop a better background check system for future immigrants, the Democrats:

  1. Threaten to withhold tax funds (I’m looking at you, California),
  2. Talk of seceding from the Union (dittoes), and
  3. Introduce bills reversing the Executive Order (California Senator Barbara Boxer).

If background checks are useful for keeping our citizens safe, why not apply them in the case of immigration as well as firearms purchases?


I’m confused about a lot of things having to do with Trump’s executive order regarding immigration. However, one of the most puzzling things to me why Iranian immigrants are being targeted on Trump’s list.

Since 1979 many, many Iranians have immigrated to the U.S. The vast majority of them have lived peacefully - assimilated easily; learned English; started businesses; entered professions; become investors. I do not know of a single threat of terrorism from an Iranian immigrant.

I do know of a few Iranians who routinely travel to Iran to attend to family business interests. My daughter in-law’s sister’s in-laws and my dentist’s wife (who is also a dentist) travel to Iran because their families were able to retain property there after the fall of the Shah even though they left Iran at that time because they did not feel safe. Why are these people, who have become woven into the fabric of American society, now singled out arbitrarily as terrorist suspects? The whole thing defies logic - and common decency.


Some Democrats as well as some Republicans support background checks as a requirement for some types of gun ownership because examples are legion of unbalanced individuals using some types of guns to commit mass murder in schools, theaters, and other places where people gather.

There are many more instances of gun violence in the U.S. than instances of terrorism by Muslim immigrants. Has there been even one instance of a terrorist act by an Iranian immigrant? I don’t know of one. Before interrupting the travel of all Iranians including those with legal status in the U.S. who have gone through extensive background checks, wouldn’t a reasonable person expect there to be one instance, one threat of terrorism by an Iranian immigrant?


See also Refugees detained at US airports after Trump exec order for other responses






As do I and I am with President Trump 110% on this.


Why isnt Saudi Arabia listed


The contents of the order itself are indeed pretty innocuous compared to the images of airports, protestors, foreign leaders round the world, freaked out, up in arms and on TV and social media by the thousands about it. Lot to learn from this lesson. I don’t think we’ll be bored under Trump, that is for sure.


Furthermore, it is a constitutional right to bear arms. There is no such right in international law to immigrate to other countries. I know that the first two things you mentioned are illegal. Is Congress allowed to reverse them through bills?


From what I understand, which I will admit is a small amount, the incidents at the airports would lead me to think that the EO has been poorly executed, and has less to do with the actual contents of the EO.


Since you’re cross-posting this (you posted the same thing in another thread), I’ll cross-post my response to you:

Well, we do, obviously. It’s a heck of a lot harder to get a green card than it is to get a gun permit.

Do you really think people can just mail in an application and get a green card back in the mail? It takes a long, long time and costs a lot of money. It requires reams of documentation, face to face interviews, fingerprints, and more.


Right, that is my understanding too. Also I think there was some ambiguity as to whether the order applied to visa and green card holders, with DHS asserting that it does, which really messed up US visa holders travelling abroad. There were other issues too. My guess is normal protocol is to cross the Ts and dot the Is before going live with such an order. I think this is where ‘corporate’ ‘efficient’ Trump could get into trouble. The White House is not a business. You can’t just crank it out - you have to think about changing policy; talk to people about it. Revise, take input. A lot of work behind the scenes. In all fairness, I think he has very icy relations with the federal agencies for obvious reasons. So that could be part of the trouble too. They will sabotage him as soon as help him. (I am not saying anyone did that - Trump walked into this)


Yes, I don’t think he’ll have any shortage of adversaries for however long he is in office. It is because of that that I I originally suspected that Congress will try to keep him on a tight leash. The Democratic party might be quick to impeach him, and I’m sure many Republicans in Congress are also wary.

For now, however, let us simply pray that what happened today was nothing more than a mere learning curve and that Trump picks up on the finer points of the office relatively fast.


This is the first time since 9/11 I’ve felt truly safe. Anyone with me??

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