States move toward making endangered land lines extinct



“All the better to monitor your digital phone, my dear,” said the Big Bad Wolf.


The land line is going the way of the dinosaur.


I agree, and notice how this will be a popular thing with most people…its like we have been brainwashed/ conditioned over the past decade or so, to eventually accept and even love technologies that, more than likely, our founding fathers, would have seen the inherent dangers to privacy!?

They have really done a good job conditioning the masses, I bet nearly no one will even complain. lol


I still use my land line even though I have an iPhone…


Evolving into birds?


Worst part is the new technologies don’t even do a better job than the old ones - a vhs tape gets a little damaged and it still plays with maybe a few lines across the picture here and there, but a small spot on a dvd and it freezes up and eventually skips several minutes ahead.

Big event occurs - cell towers get jammed, calls can’t go through. Landlines still work fine.

Old cable tv - consistently excellent picture. New digital signal - breaks, gaps, and stoppages.

And so on, and so on…

I don’t need one device to do everything kind of okay. I need several devices that each do their job excellently.

Or actually, just get my kids old enough I can retire and become a hermit and not need any devices at all :thumbsup:


For bad times is why we keep our landline too.

And thanks for the endorsement of cable tv. - tvknight415 the cable guy. :slight_smile:


As do we. It came in handy after both hurricanes that hit our area.



I actually like the landline phone though. That is probably rare for a millennial to say.


Mistake…like throwing the baby out with the bath water.


Yes, I was just wondering why many DVDs I rent either stall and skip forward or stop altogether due to a scratch on the surface. Ive also noticed the negatives about digital cable too.

It does seem older technologies were a lot better in some regards, but I think the thing with the land lines versus cell phones, they want to make it easier to keep tabs on people and their phone conversations.

Plus, more than likely they are doing things to ensure within the next few years every single person has a cell phone, this could let them begin a cashless society, among many other things.


There’s a landline in this house even though almost no one ever uses it. It is still used with the security system. I use my iPhone exclusively.


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