States probing massive data breach of Social Security numbers


In what could be one of the biggest data breaches in history, the federal government and authorities in several states are investigating the criminal sale of Social Security numbers, bank account data and other personal information for up to 200 million U.S. citizens.

The investigations stem from the case of Hieu Minh Ngo, a Vietnamese man who pleaded guilty last month in New Hampshire federal court to selling the data to more than 1,300 of his customers, according to a court transcript.


To put the “200 million” in perspective … The population of the entire US is about 317 million.



With the slow ushering in of Government Medicine, sooner or later this (data breaching) will start occurring with medical records too I am afraid.

People in political elections will be startled (initially) to find their medical records (especially embarrassing records) end up in the papers or some other public venue. Naturally, this will hurt their chances of overtaking a political incumbent. It will also discourage good people from running for political office (thinking . . . . “What if my medical records end up in the newspaper too?!!”)

These types of embarrassing medical records will happen to get “leaked” but fear not! Our leadership will quite naturally publicly express outrage (but no one will go to jail–they may get a transfer) and promises to get to the bottom of it will be flying at news conferences.

We don’t have rules for submitting college transcripts to government (yet), and Rick Perry’s Collegiate transcript still ended up in the newspapers. Even without a universal database. So how much more chance WITH a universal database (like they will inevitably institute with Government medicine).

By the way, I am not aware of anyone going to jail for breaching Mr. Perry’s collegiate records. I am sure President Obama’s collegiate grades are well-guarded (as they should be . . . . unless he himself wants to submit them for public scrutiny).


Wow. This is horrible. How does one find out if they were a victim of this?


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