Stations of the cross booklet


Not sure if I’m being scrupulous or not, but I have a stations of the cross booklet that I’ve had for a long time. I just realized yesterday that I don’t think I paid for it at the time but I don’t remember which parish it was from (I’m thinking of 2 that I used to go to for stations of the cross). I called both of them and they say that they aren’t free. So, I don’t remember if I paid for it in the past. Anyway, now I’m not sure which parish I should take the booklet back to and buy a new one from.


Yes, you are being scrupulous.

Something you’ve had for years, that you can’t remember where you got it, that may or may not have been free *at that time *years ago… not really much there.

What I suggest you do is keep the station of the cross booklet, and send a small donation to both parishes. If you really want to do something, have a mass said at each parish for souls in purgatory or for some other intentions.

I buy booklets like that for our parish, and they are less than $5.00 particularly when purchased in bulk. Lenten meditation booklets I bought this year for parishioners were 79 cents each.


Thank you 1ke! donating to each parish is a great idea.


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