Stations of the Cross (Kneeling)


I have only ever done the stations of the cross possibly twice ever, and was wondering if it was customary to do them whilst kneeling, i.e. moving from each station on your knees?

Many thanks.

You kneel for the prayer (2nd paragraph) of each station


If you do it at home you can always kneel on your stairs, going up one step each time.


I’ve never seen someone go from station to station on their knees in church! But I’ll bet there are areas of the world where that happens. There’s a single line in the traditional Stations where we genuflect or bow (for those who can’t kneel): When the leader says, “We adore You oh Christ and we bless You,” the faithful kneel and say, “Because by Your Holy Cross You have redeemed the world.” They stand up right away after that line as the prayer continues, so it is just a short genuflection.


Thank you for all your replies, much appreciated.

One can do them on one’s knees, but it is not customary.

The Stations of the Cross are meant to be walking with Christ on the road to Calvary. Jesus obviously didn’t walk to Calvary on his knees carrying his cross. He walked standing up and occasionally falling down. It was also too long of a walk for anyone to be doing on their knees, even if they hadn’t been scourged first and weren’t carrying a heavy cross beam.

We do the genuflection or bow at each station as Limoncello said, out of respect for Christ.

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