Stations of the cross of nonviolent love


has anyone else used this booklet for stations?
what did you think?

and can somebody please tell me what “nonviolent love” is?
i have my opinions, but i’d like to hear what others have to say first.


no comments??


Nonviolent love? That must mean that there is a violent love, what is that like?


Go to the home page of the site and you will get a better sense of what they are about.

They even speak of the “nonviolent Eucharist”. This makes me think they either have an agenda or they are going too far trying to make their nonviolent point.


They sound pacificist. Christians aren’t pacificists, Christians are peacemakers.

I’d stick with the traditional Stations of the Cross.


exactly! they used the term so much thru out the “meditations”, but i don’t think they know what it means either.


i think it might be a little bit of both. in the “meditations”, they go so far as to group all of these things into the same “evil” bucket, professional sports, disney world, military technology, drugs, a national anthem, fashion, alcohol.

the real sad thing about these meditations is that the focus is not on christ! the focus is anti the american way. yes, there are many of us who have gone over board with materialism and what not, but to totally dismiss everything american as bad is not the way to win converts!


i would love to but there are others at my church that apparently don’t like the traditional stations.
the focus should be on christ’s love and suffering for us, i didn’t see that at all in nonviolent love. :frowning:



What area of Michigan are you in? Anywhere near Farmington Hills?


You can practice the Stations of the Cross privately. It is meditation, after all.

Stop worrying over the nonviolent stations and just pray for the souls. Worry is useless. Prayer is powerful.


i’m north of metro detroit


yes, i know. but it is so beautiful to pray the stations in the church as a group, i am not worrying. i am discussing what happened at stations last night.


Ahh, so your fellow brethern used the nonviolent stations? I’d speak with the pastor, and if he dosen’t do anything, speak with the bishop, and if nothing than, the Vatican. The nonviolent stations are a form of idoltry, in that they put pacificism above God.


Farmington Hills is 27 miles northwest of the center of Detroit. There is a monastery of cloistered Dominican Sisters there whose focus is perpetual adoration. You might like to visit it sometime. Here is the link to their website.

Being in Detroit there should be a choice of parishes available to you. If you are happy with your parish but would prefer to do the Stations in another parish near by, there should be no problem.


thank you, that’s good to know about.


I took a look at it, too. And like the others… I’m a bit baffled. The term “non-violent love” seems to be an oxymoron. It implies that something called “violent love” must exist. :shrug: btw… I couldn’t determine whether the site was Catholic, or multi-denominational… or what. <but I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer :smiley: >.

I think I would also stick with the Traditional Stations of the Cross, found in most Catholic Prayer books.

Thanks for letting me add my :twocents:

God bless.


you’re right, they don’t seem to express catholicism in anyway on their website. why then did my catholic parish allow this non-violent love thought process to hi-jack our traditionally traditional stations this week??:mad: thanks all for the discussion. i have some food for thought now for my pastor.


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