Stations of the Cross Prayer Beads

After my great uncle died, as the only practicing Catholic in the family at the time, I was given a number of his Catholic books, sacramentals, Bibles, etc. Among them is a set of prayer beads, like a Rosary, obviously meant for meditating on the stations of the cross.

Made in Italy, it begins with a crucifix, followed by three beads with depictions of (1) the Risen Lord, (2) Mary, and (3) the Holy Spirit as a dove. Then there is a silver “link” with Mary. Going counter clockwise (which I thought interesting) there are 14 single beads showing the stations, each divided by the trio of beads as described above.

Have you ever seen this configuration or know how to pray it? Improvising, I have begun with the Creed, then prayed the Lord’s Prayer, Hail Mary, and Glory Be, on what appear to be the logically designated beads and meditated on the main beads as I would at the stations in church.

Any thoughts? It’s a lovely reminder of my Uncle Ed – I just wish I knew more about it.

Here ya go - info on the Way of the Cross chaplet.

Thank you! Uncle Ed was a seminarian back in the 1920s, never was ordained, but remained faithful to the Church until his death in the early 1960s. I always adored him . …

oh, what a treasure!

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