Stations of the Cross/Way of the Cross Chaplet?

I picked up what I believe to be a Stations of the Cross or Way of the Cross chaplet a few years ago. It caught my eye in a church gift shop and I’ve never prayed it but have a couple of questions…

**1) **The chaplet has a crucifix, five beads and then fifteen medals seperating fifteen sets of three beads. Each medal has a picture on one side and a few words on the other with a roman numeral starting with (I) Jesus is Condemned to Death and ending with (XV) Jesus Rises from the Dead. Is this in fact a Way of the Cross or Stations of the Cross Chaplet?

**2) **The chaplet has five beads between the crucifix and first medal. The ones I see on the Internet have six beads in this location? Is this significant? Do I just use the one of the spaces instead?

**3) **I read that the chaplet was “Withdrawn.” I assume that this means that indulgences associated with praying this chaplet have been withdrawn? Can anyone explain?

**4) **And a spiritual question… how does one pray it? I don’t mean the mechanics of it or the specific prayers to be said, but is there any special circumstances under which it is commonly prayed or pious customs surrounding it? Should I have it blessed? Should I not use it for some reason? Any thoughts or insights of s spiritual nature would be appreciated.

Thanks and peace.


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