stations of the cross

im making a prayer corner in my home. is it ok to say the stations of the cross in your prayer time?:slight_smile:

Absolutely! You can pray at any time and any place.

:slight_smile: thank you very much nettie

It sure is! In fact, there is a plenary indulgence granted… for making the Stations of the Cross. See link… God bless. :slight_smile:

is it ok to display them on your wall and say them?:slight_smile:

Yes. I was thinking about doing that myself, but I haven’t done so. I printed all the pictures out in color and look at the picture while praying the 14 stations of the Cross. The pictures can really help you meditate.

well thank you very much im glad im not the only one that makes me very happy.i love prayer, but im so busy during the day, night seems to be my quiet time where ican listen to my christian music, and get with my prayers. thank you so much for writing me back. please write again soon.nettie

hi, i like saying my rosary.but does anyone know if you say the rosary over once aday is it pleasing to mary and god?i hopeyou understand whatim trying to say.i like praying along with my rosary cd. it seems i can pay closer attention to my prayers.let me knowsomething soon nettie

We are to pray unceasingly. This does not neccessarily mean that you have to pray all the time with some prayers, but through your action, your work, your duty, you try your best to do things to glorify the Lord in your little or big accomplishments.

If you can pray the Rosary more than once a day, God and Our Blessed Virgin Mary are certainly pleased. I remember my grandma used to pray the Rosary throughout the whole afternoon. :slight_smile:

Have you read “The secret of the Rosary” by Saint Louis de Montford. It is a wonderful book and it can help you more about meditation on the mysteries of the Holy Rosary.

well its been along time since i was here,im baaaack.ask about my new hobbie.and my new excited.catch you later,nettiel:thumbsup::newidea::gopray2::gopray::signofcross::blessyou:

thanks for reminding me… i always kinda wondered why the Stations weren’t done more often by the Church… instead of just during Lent before Easter…

but i guess we can do them anytime the Church is open…(etc) i just always forget for some strange reason…

thanks… :slight_smile:

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