Stations of the Cross


I’m curious; EWTN has the Stations of the Cross on their website, with the prayers and a picture as well as reflections by Mother Angelica shown. Does saying it online gain you an indulgence, or is this only for saying it ‘physically’, that is, somewhere with actual pictures or statues and walking from one to the other?


Hi George
In answer to your question, part of that depends on your circumstances. If a person is sick or disabled and otherwise unable to walk the stations or for some other reason such as snowed in during a blizzard you can gain the indulgences by saying 14 our fathers hail marys and glory bes plus one for the intentions of the holy father. There is always grace given through the way of the cross especially when offered for the Holy Souls in Purgatory which the church recommends and according to various sources the Holy Souls ask specially for this and the Mass. Good wishes on becoming catholic. I will say a hail mary for you before I sign off.:byzsoc::signofcross::knight2:


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