Stations of the Cross


Hello all,

Quick question. Part of my penance during confession last week was to pray the Stations of the Cross. More specifically, I am to pray the stations in the Church. I have what looks to be a very nice format that I picked up at a Catholic bookstore for praying the stations as an individual.

My question is (and I hope I'm not splitting hairs here) do I actually have to walk around to the stations or can I remain in my pew and pray them say after Mass or something like that?

Thanks for your responses in advance.


The majority of time I have seen people do it, they walk around. Its a way of meditating on the statue/picture infront of you. I would prefer this method as well.


Walking the Stations of the Cross is something I try to do weekly, but when I am alone in the church with Jesus. It serves to remind me that as I walk with Him, He also always walks with me. Personally, I need this as a way to remember that I am never alone. (It was suggested to me by a priest.) I also use it to remind myself that 3 of the Stations are Christ falling, and, more importantly, that after each fall, He got back up to continue His journey, which is ultimately our journey. We all have our crosses to bear. It reminds me, too, of His great love and sacrifice for us all, and, at Christmas, why He was sent to us.

I actually walk from Station to Station. If others are in the church, I am not sure I would feel as comfortable doing this, though. Penance, however, is not about comfort. I think the prayerful and spiritual walk is most important, and that your priest would consider your penance accomplished either way. But, this is one opinion. If you really are still concerned, I would ask the priest what he expected. During Lent, in our churches, only the priest walks the Stations. We remain in the pews. I like making it a personal devotion and walk, though. I don’t know if this helps answer your question or adds to your confusion!

It sounds to me, though, that you have already begun your Walk, either way.

God bless.


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