Stations of the Cross

I went to church tonight for Stations of the Cross. I am currently in RCIA. I have no religious background at ALL. So, this is all very new to me. I just wanted to say that I was so touched tonight at church and I am really happy that I went. I also wanted to thank everyone for all of the suggestions for my upcoming 1st confession.

God Bless!

God Bless You Jenny.

I came into the Church Easter Vigil 2007. Stations of the Cross is a personal devotion for me, a reminder of my personal walk with Christ, as well as His sacrifice for us. I’m glad it touched you. Your first confession will go fine. Pray about it and be sincere. Wait until you hear the words, “I absolve you…”

You have a right to be happy. I counted down and drove everyone nuts! I just couldn’t wait for Easter Vigil. I go every year now. What a beautiful Mass.

Welcome and God bless.

The Stations of the Cross are wonderful - I’m go glad you attended at your church!

I’ll be thinking about you at Easter Vigil!

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