Stations of the Cross

Hi, we just got new stations of the cross. We had 15 now we have 14. You can guess that we don’t have the resurrection. Our priest said it is because they don’t make it from where we ordered them. Our other stations were very plain and not placed right as around the church scanctuaryso that is why we got more sculptured ones, and placed them correctly. Now that is confusing the school children a bit, where is #15 a second grader asked. I have always wondered myself though about number 14 and 15. Jesus dies on the cross on #12 and taken down on #13 but in the tomb it is empty #14 so it is called an empty tomb. As the Catholic would say but is it the resurrection. The non-catholic doesn’t think we call it the resurrection. But don’t we say that Jesus showed himself to others before His ascension so isn’t His ascension really His resurrection to the Father. Some non-catholics say they have an empty cross because of the resurrection. We seem to have a tug of war at our church because we have both crosses. We are a catholic church though but I have non-catholic relatives so that is why I am wondering the right answer. We have the crucifix above the tabernacle, it is about 5’ tall and is very beautiful and then there is one behind the chair a sort of large 10’ tall and very pretty stain glass type and open to see through not a crucifix just a cross but very open as the resurrection. So that cross is like the 15 station and it is in the right place to be it. We cover it at lent till easter. So my question is #14 actually the resurrection?

The Stations of the Cross that have been prayed almost everywhere I have ever been a parishioner have 14 stations with the last being “Jesus is laid in the tomb”. In the few instances where I have participated in a Stations of the Cross which included a 15th, the prayers were said with the leader in front of the altar using the “Jesus is resurrected” as the meditation - there was no physical 15th station plaque. I have never heard of a stations of the Cross with #14 being the Resurrection.

That being said, the Stations of the Cross is not a devotion with a rigid structure. There are many different versions… I believe the traditional 14 station on is the indulgenced prayer, however.

We do it pretty much the same way with the 15th. station being in front of the Tabernacle.

I have never known there to be 15 stations of the cross. I was brought up with 14 :shrug:

I only know of 14 stations of the cross, I have never heard of a 15th. The 14th is Jesus is buried (laid in the tomb).

At the World Youth Day in Sydney they had a ‘biblical’ stations of the cross with number a little less than 10

I’ve heard of these 15 station innovations. It’s all unnecessary as the tabernacle is the true 15th station, and the Eucharist the Risen Lord.

Thank you for that info I passed it on to Father John. Our tabernacle is actually has the crucifix above it and the first station is to the right so it follows around the church with 7 on the west wall and 7 on the east wall so that works out and the tabernacle is not hid behind any closet ither which is what I like about the way the church is. :slight_smile: I think I was a big help to Father for a change ha. the stations were a gift from a passed priest whose family left the donation so it is very special. :slight_smile: This is a good thing for Father John too as it expands the teaching to the children. thanks a lot

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