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I hope I chose the right category, this is my first post. I converted about 10 years ago, but have never attended stations of the cross.

I would like to take my 3 kids (6, 9, and 10) to this Friday night at my parish but wondering what to expect? They are also having a fish fry, does the 1 hour fast apply for this, or can we run by the fish fry prior to attending stations of the cross?

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No fast.


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You can expect the celebrant to lead those gathered in a prayerful reflection of the passion of Jesus.

The one hour fast is for reception of Holy Communion, so no need to fast. (Ever notice that Sunday Mass is about one hour long? As long as you are not eating on the way into the church before Mass you stand a pretty good chance of having fasted for one hour before receiving Communion.)


The Stations of the Cross is a devotional prayer. No need to fast. There are slightly different versions of the stations but they are all based on the Passion of Christ.

First Station: Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane

Second Station: Jesus, Betrayed by Judas, is Arrested

Third Station: Jesus is Condemned by the Sanhedrin

Fourth Station: Jesus is Denied by Peter

Fifth Station: Jesus is Judged by Pilate

Sixth Station: Jesus is Scourged and Crowned with Thorns

Seventh Station: Jesus Bears the Cross

Eighth Station: Jesus is Helped by Simon the Cyrenian to Carry the Cross

Ninth Station: Jesus Meets the Women of Jerusalem

Tenth Station: Jesus is Crucified

Eleventh Station: Jesus Promises His Kingdom to the Good Thief

Twelfth Station: Jesus Speaks to His Mother and the Disciple

Thirteenth Station: Jesus Dies on the Cross

Fourteenth Station: Jesus is Placed in the Tomb

1st Station: Jesus is condemned to death
2nd Station: Jesus carries His cross
3rd Station: Jesus falls the first time
4th Station: Jesus meets his mother
5th Station: Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus to carry his cross
6th Station: Veronica wipes the face of Jesus
7th Station: Jesus falls the second time
8th Station: Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem
9th Station: Jesus falls a third time
10th Station: Jesus clothes are taken away
11th Station: Jesus is nailed to the cross
12th Station: Jesus dies on the cross
13th Station: The body of Jesus is taken down from the cross
14th Station: Jesus is laid in the tomb


Anything you need to know and we can help always ask us here, if we know the answer we will tell you.

God Bless, and walk with the Lord.

P.S Enjoy the fish.


Thank you so much! I don’t really know anyone else who is Catholic except my kids godparents so this is a great resource. Have a great day!! :slight_smile:



Yes, indeed, take your children to the stations of the cross. God loves children.

In regards to fasting, you are obligated to fast only on Ash Wednesday and on Good Friday.

So do not worry about fasting because it applpies to the above only.

May God bless us in our efforts.


No fasting required. Also, God bless you for taking your children to the Stations of the Cross.


Enjoy yourself; I am a bit jealous - I wish my parish had a fish fry :slight_smile:


I think the OP was referring to the Eucharistic fast of one hour before receiving Holy Communion.


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