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I don’t know if this has been posted already, but just wanted to share it. It is very interesting :slight_smile:

Worldwide, Highly Religious More Likely to Help Others

In More Religious Countries, Lower Suicide Rates

Charitable Giving Differs in Canada, U.K., and U.S.

Americans Have Net-Positive View of U.S. Catholics

Doesn’t really surprise me at all. I have seen this over the many years I have been an active Catholic.Maybe you should consider putting these articles on an atheist website, so they can become educated on the relationship of faith to life.

Worldwide, Highly Religious More Likely to Help Others…lp-Others.aspx
I hate to throw cold water on this, but it really doesn’t mean much since “helping behaviors” could include donating money and time to their church.

Bohoo, you beat me to it.

Americans Have Net-Positive View of U.S. Catholics…Catholics.aspx

Hm 45% views positive… I guess the other 55% that don’t care or are negative doesn’t matter + I’m curious as to how many out of those questioned for the polls are of the Catholic denomination themselves since it was a representative sample of the US population.

Furthemore, Jews got a higher net-positive score :thumbsup:

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