Statistics on Fatherless Children in America

Compare how this compares with the Fathers Day quote of Father Theodore Hesburgh, former president of the University of Notre Dame,

“The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother.”


Compare the quote to how our heavenly Father cherishes the earthly mother of his son, the incarnate!

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us now and in the hour of our death!


How do we repair society?

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Absolutely, some African American leader was asked what poses more of a threat to the black community, racism or fatherless homes, he responded the fatherless homes.


Are you admitting it is broken? Pessimism is often admitting defeat.
That is the same flaw in “Make America Great Again”…America is still great, and society is not broken, but there is room for improvement in both.

Yep. How can one think it isn’t?

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I don’t think that’s pessimism so much as realism. Society is in need of repair.


when my car has a flat tire, I don’t consider the car broken and have it hauled off to the junk yard.

In need of repair seems to be the thoughts of you and PaulinVA…but, claiming in need of repair without suggesting one is simply defeatism.

That’s how incapable politicians get elected, by pointing out generic problems with no solutions.

The ills in society are not as superficial as a flat tire.

It will probably fall long before any fixing is possible.

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When you let your crazy uncle drive your car and he runs it into a ditch and then drives it through the muck before replacing the air cleaner with one that doesn’t work and declaring that only certain people can ride in it and he empties the ashtray on the floor and puts the wrong kind of gas into it, yes, your car is broken.

You still are not saying what those ills are, or possibility of methods to repair them. . . .

Okay…admittedly bad analogy.

Now give some concrete examples where repair is needed, and possible solutions…otherwise, its just complaining.

I’m not a politician and my post wasn’t meant to be exhaustive, i.e. society is in NEED OF REPAIR.

If you want to call it something else by all means call it something else but what PAUL said is in reality reflective of our society.

I think even the POPE would remark, that yes, the world is in need of repair.

Stop acting like the thought police.


Is there any hope of economic equality between black and white in America as long as black children are denied their basic human right to a stable, loving, two-parent family at douple the rate of white children?

Recent rates for out of wedlock births were 16% for Asians, 34% for Caucasian, 51% for Hispanics, and 72% for African Americans. Is this what is meant by “white privelege’? Do we also need to look at 'yellow privelege”? In fact some of the most “woke” universities are actively discriminating against Asians because they seem to otherwise qualify for admission to top universities at rates higher than their representation in the general population.

There is great injustice in our society today, but the main perpetrators are the people with the greatest obligation to care for these children, their own parents.


Again…what repair?

Its kind of like Will Rogers’ “Everyone talks about weather, but nobody does anything about it!”

I do not support all of these, but here’s a quick list

Justice reform:
Sentencing reform
No cash bail
Providing better lawyers to indigent clients
More diversion programs
Release men from prison for non-violent crimes

Job reforms
Minority hiring targets
Minority promotion targets
Job training programs
Universal Basic Income

Racism reform
Get a non-racist President
Education about slavery
National dialogue on Race
White people need to champion Black rights and opportinutues

Well what repair do you think I mean as a Catholic?? You are one too so you can figure some out.

Note: This thread is about fatherless children.

See wasn’t that easy!

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