Statistics on seminarians

I was wondering if anybody knew of a website with the percentages of seminarians who actually become priests and religious.

I would doubt that such statistics are “formally” available, i.e. I would guess that no one has kept track of such statistics in a formal, “academic” manner. Furthermore, any kind of data like that would still fail to give the whole picture, as some men leave then return (to the same diocese, same seminary, same formation program) or join a religious order.

If you don’t mind my asking, why do you ask? If for some kind of research, you might be best off asking various vocations offices or seminary admissions offices. Or, if you’re wondering whether every man who enters seminary becomes a priest, the answer is a resounding no; as one seminary rector says, God may call you to seminary for a number of reasons. Perhaps you are called to the priesthood. Perhaps you are not, but the time at seminary will prepare you to be a better father, or will help form other men to be better priests. You never know until you’ve gone through the formation program.

Check out CARA at and its blog “1964”.

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