Statistics show marriages more likely to survive if couples had no other lifetime sexual partners


Federal government statistics show that the prospects for an early divorce are minimal among American couples who have never had any sexual partners other than their spouses, and increases with the number of other partners.


I believe this one-hundred percent! It seems like common sense to me.


What about if we’ve had significantly more but not for a long time before we were married? I mean, I want to get married, but I have definitely had multiple sexual partners before marriage. I’m not exactly proud of it. That said, I don’t doubt what it says.


Unfortunately, the NSFG graph is lacking in detail…and the stats don’t specify if the couples in this group are religious or not, which may be a key component here.

I’d guess that the majority of couples who are virgins when they get married are such because their religion tells them that to have sex before marriage is a sin.
And then, that same couple may stay married together – whether they are happy or not – because their religion also tells the couple that divorce is a sin.

So there’s a decent chance that the number of sexual partners isn’t the “real” deciding factor or correlation here.



It looks like we are having to learn some lessons all again.


I do agree with this. but like Daddygirl said, not for the reason the article claims, although that does play a part. A persons first sexual partner will always be special, I know this is true for me and from the females I have talked to, it is especially true for them, for some reason, many females fall hard in love with the man who takes their virginity.

Id like to see some figures on how many people wait for marriage to have sex with anyone though, Im middle aged now but when I was younger my friends and I went thru quite a few sex partners, many friends of mine had over 100 people by the time they were 19-20yrs old.(and this was back in the early to mid 90s), cannot imagine what its like today, with ‘sexualization’ beginning at an earlier age.


It’s a correlation. And it’s not the only study to show this same relationship between the two variables.
Causal? The number of partners can play a role but what is more definite is that it’s an indicator of what goes on in a person’s mind, attitudes and etc. as you’ve alluded to. ***Edit ***On a biologically level, multiple partners injures the bonding process that goes on in the brain so there may actually be some causality but to what extent is not well known.
As for who these couples are, an overwhelming are religious as other studies have shown.
There isn’t much research on happiness in the context you’ve mentioned but I am told, despite what popular culture portrays, married couples are generally happier than non-married sexually active couples. Also, in theory, couples who don’t become sexually activity before marriage spend more time building on the more emotional side of their relationship instead of basing most of the relationship on sex.


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