Statue of Jesus Christ decapitated in Florida. An account

Deacon Edivaldo da Saliva found the monument at the church headless and toppled off its pedestal Wednesday morning.

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Time to start locking the doors and firing up the security cameras.

Don’t suppose it might have toppled by itself?


We had a similar incident at our church, when someone entered and defiled the Tabernacle, and strewed the hosts all over the floor. Until that time, a side door to our church was always left open for us to enter and pay Jesus a visit any time, night or day. Since then, all church doors have been locked, and we have been deprived of that sacred privilege.

This is treading on dangerous ground. While a statue of Jesus isn’t Jesus, vandalizing his statue is still disrespecting him. I strongly suggest that whoever did this repent and ask forgiveness.

And yes, sadly, lock the doors and install and activate cameras – inside and outside. And pray for the souls of those who would do such a thing.


That same thing happened at our Mother Church but they pulled the Tabernacle down and yes Our Lord was desecrated. It was so very sad for all of us. Now both Churches stayed locked. For Adoration people either have a key or they have the door code.

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I seem to remember in the book ’ Witness ’ by Josyp Terelya based in Communist
Ukraine and Russia there were accounts of sacred shrines being vandalised and destroyed. I also remember at least one instance that the perpretator met an untimely end by accident .

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At the last church I attended, the pastor went to church for daily Mass and found the statue of St. Joseph outside the side door of the church decapitated. This was several years ago. He promptly removed it and the church replaced it. It was sad, but – it’s a statue, not actually St. Joseph. That kind of thing is a cry for help. And the person who did it suddenly had a lot of people praying for him.

My current pastor says that the most effective security is to have people in and out of the building at unpredictable intervals all the time. So even though the diocese requires us to lock the church and the other buildings, everybody has a key to the church and the keypad code to the parish hall with adoration chapel.

Actually, when I was brand-new there (I had only been at a few daily Masses) the pastor handed me the code to get to the chapel – and I was shocked when I went in and found he had given me access to a big, beautifully appointed building with a commercial kitchen, library, several well-stocked Montessori religious ed rooms, etc. and most of the rooms were usually unlocked. This was a priest who had decided to be generous and trust God for the results. I admired that, and still do.

The knee-jerk reaction to lock buildings is only accomplishing exactly what Satan is trying to work through these acts of chaos: restricting access to Jesus. And these things still happen in locked churches. Honestly, it makes more sense to me to put up cameras. Since it’s going to happen – at least catch the person who did it!

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