Statue Of Our Lady Survives Ecuador Earthquake

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Perhaps you have read this account of the statue of Mary surviving earthquake - see HERE

I read the account and was especially blessed by the conclusion in which the priest met with the people, outside the church for Mass:

…“I have been asked by people how we have been affected by this earthquake,” he began. “Do we still believe in Our Mother?”

“Yes,” said the crowd.

But the question of what would become of the church worried those who attended. Could it be repaired? Or would money need to be found to tear it down and build anew?

“Please let someone rebuild our temple. Let us build it with even more love,” said a woman who took the microphone.

Others, like Silvia Quijije, whose sister Gabriela died with the two children Saturday, saw hope even in the broken church.

“We believe the Virgin saved us,” she said. “She sacrificed her house to save our lives, like how Jesus died for our sins.”

She pointed to the collapsed bell tower near her home and said: “The tower fell into the church. It didn’t fall into our house.”

God works great things through the humble, as we hear in Mary’s “Magnificat”: " My soul glorifies the Lord, my spirit rejoices in God my Savior. He looks on His servant in her lowliness, henceforth all ages will call me blessed. The Almighty works great things for me, Holy His name! His mercy is from age to age on those who fear Him…" (Luke 1: 46-50)

May He continue to work in all who believe in Him as Mary did, and as His Church, through His Grace, continues in Faith, Hope and above all Charity.

That is beautiful.

Yes, it was so heartening to read of God’s wonderful love in protecting the statue of His Mother! :slight_smile: It is also beautiful to read of the Faith alive in the hearts of those who rejoiced in Him and in our Mother Mary, after the earthquake.


Dear God’s bidding,

Thanks for your “Amen”. Each response is a blessing – especially when it is one which affirms the Truth of God’s Love and His desire for all His children to honor Our Mother Mary. We truly honor Him in acknowledging His work in and through Mary. :slight_smile:

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