Statues Of Virgin Mary Beheaded, Jesus Christ Defaced At Palm Springs Catholic Church

PALM SPRINGS ( — Police were asking for the public’s help Thursday to identify who broke the head off a statue of the Virgin Mary and damaged the face of a Jesus Christ statue at a Catholic church in Palm Springs.


Just the beginning.

A parish in our area had something similar happen a few years ago. Really, really awful.

Sorry to hear this. I hope they find out who destroyed church property.
:frowning: :mad:

This couldn’t possibly have been a hate crime.

It’s interesting… I don’t believe I have ever heard of crimes desecrating the Church reaching the mainstream media. (not just local news) Does anyone recall hearing about something like this on national news?

The only way we would hear news like this would be if it had been a mosque defaced or vandalized, if that had been the case, it would have been national breaking news all over the country, probably be mobs of people out looking for the vandals 24/7 until found. Plus they realize most christians are not as willing to go the lengths many Muslims would to find and punish the responsible person, and not as easily offended as most muslims, Im not happy admitting that, but its the truth.

Yeah, a vandalized synagogue or mosque always fits the media narrative, a vandalized church only on an especially slow news day.

:frowning: Praying to the Sacred Heart in reparation.

Warning, my comment is sarcastic :stuck_out_tongue:
What, Catholics hated?

I think so too…

This is sad news, I am hopeful the church can quickly repair these damages. :frowning:

Sad, but true. What might be of consolation is that Jesus Christ taught us to be peaceful and forgiving. We should pray that whoever committed this sacrilege will realize their sin, and make amends. If not, our Lord will deal with him, her, or them in due time

“An infallible and unmistakable sign by which we can distinguish a heretic, a man of false doctrine, an enemy of God, from one of God’s true friends is that the heretic and the hardened sinner show nothing but contempt and indifference for our Lady. He endeavours by word and example, openly or insidiously - sometimes under specious pretexts - to belittle the love and veneration shown to her.”

  • St. Louis de Montfort

Hail Jesus! Hail Mary! Hail Jesus! Hail Mary!

May God have mercy on those who destroyed the lovely images of Jesus and Mary.

I recently had the opportunity to look at the hate crime statistics for Canada. Although crimes targeting Christians were up there, Jew and Muslims still have it worse.

For me, I think, it would be interesting to know whether Catholic Churches experience more or less vandalism than when the Chuch’s principle opponent was anti-Catholic Protestantism.

As a kid, I once witnessed some vandalism, I have seen something like this as an adult. Unfortunately, it appears this will always be and clearly, right now in the world, is much worse elsewhere while I would not have thought much of this 5 years ago but only as an isolated incident.

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