Is anyone else finding it hard to find Catholic statues of saints. Maybe it is because we have so much to read these days and the internet and all that Catholic stores are not selling as many because people are not purchasing them as much. Our local Catholic book store used to have a large shelf with many statues of Jesus, Mary and the saints. I just left there, very few statues. Many cute little gifts for the home, though.

Just thought I would ask. Does anyone know of anywhere that sells statues of saints. Ones for your home.

Internet is full of church supply websites that sell literally hundreds of different statues. :shrug:

Thanks. I have been looking. I have been searching the web, some can get pretty pricey and large in size.

:slight_smile: Thanks, though.

I think lots of people are buying them, actually - but because of recent cultural shifts in American Catholic culture in the past few decades, certain kinds of stores have steered in different directions.

There seem to be a good number of internet sites that sell various kinds…

One problem is finding good-looking (i.e. inspiring) ones. A lot of them look like little girls’ dolls to me, or have badly painted faces, etc. :frowning:

Good luck!

I carry only a few in our local parish store. Why? Because no one buys them. They sit and collect dust while taking up valuable real estate.

And the people that are looking for a statue, are looking for a specific one. “No, not St Joseph with Jesus. I want St Joseph the worker.” or " No, not St Therese, I am looking for St Teresa." So a store would need to carry about 100 statues to make just a couple of sales. Not worth it.

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