Status of Catholic Charismatic Movement outside of the U.S.?


I promised a friend that I would give serious study to the occurrence of speaking in tongues. The search led me to a critique of the Charismatic Movement, and so I ask the following question:

What is the status of this movement OUTSIDE of the United States? Is it a generally American phenomena, or does it have the same sort of numbers elsewhere? If primary source documentation could be provided for me to check, I’d be grateful.

I’m not looking for a debate about the movement, but rather information about its force worldwide.



This site has a couple links to the Catholic Charismatic Renewal in Australia. You might be able to find some information there. I don’t know what kind of numbers you have in America to compare to what we have here in Australia.


Thank you, Linda Marie. I confess I know little of Australia’s population patterns- where do Melborne and Perth archdioceses rank, population-wise, among the rest of Australia?



American. It seems to have died the death in Britain. All the right wing types have turned into trads instead, the lefties into Justice and Peace type people. Or they’ve gone over to the Protestants. There doesn’t seem to be a niche for a Catholic movement that is trendy and right wing at the same time.


It’s still around in Scotland - & certainly in England :slight_smile:

Maybe we have different contacts :slight_smile:
*]Catholic Charismatic Renewal in England - Goodnews online -
*]Welcome to Scottish Catholic Charismatic Renewal -
*]Catholic Charismatic renewal in wales -
*]Catholic Charismatic Renewal Links -[/LIST]


My understanding is that the CCR is like wild fire in Africa. I also believe there is a sizable following in many parts of Asia and South America. (…more so than here)

I suspect you’ll be able to find some statistics from some of the websites already given. If I come across anything I would be happy to let you know.

A great Nigerian Dominican priest told me of massive CCR prayer events where Pentecostals would want to come because they were so lively. In order to attend they were required to pray ten Hail Mary’s together. I thought that was pretty clever. Needless to say, it kept some of the Protestants out.

JPII was a big supporter of the CCR.

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Oh… I should also mention a growing religious order that emphasizes CCR spirituality intermingled with very traditional and orthodox Catholicism.

I understand they have really become a solid and influential order. Their main charism is evangelization I believe. I would like to visit them sometime since I am discerning the religious life.


Here is a link to the Sydney Charismatic Renewal Centre. It covers all of New South Wales.

I know it is just wikipedia but it was the only place I could find information of the Catholic population of Australia that lists all the Archdioceses.


This is pretty alive in India too. Some of the preachers come over to the US/Canada to conduct retreats here.

See Divine Retreat Centre Muringoor - Potta, Kerala, India


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