Status of ecumenical monastic orders

I am curious if anyone can point me to any resources regarding Catholic Church’s stance on the status / recognition of Christian ecumenical monastic orders such as Taizé.

Is it possible for a religious community to be recognized by the Catholic Church as a proper religious order if there are non-Catholics in the community, in leadership, etc?

Thank you!

It depends.

To my knowledge, Taizé just “wings it” and doesn’t have a canonical status.

Other ecumenical communities do it differently. One example is the Monastero di Bose in Italy. They’re an ecumenical (and mixed-gender) community canonically approved by their local ordinary, and their rule was approved by a cardinal when the first brothers took their vows. When they had leadership troubles in the past few months the Holy Father mandated an apostolic visit.

ETA : Bose explain their canonical status here.

Holy Wisdom Monastery in Madison, Wisconsin, has been an ecumenical Benedictine monastery since 2006. There is more about the general idea of ecumenical communities in the “history” section of the website.

I don’t believe the community has canonical status anymore (though the site doesn’t say), but the Abbot Primate has recognized them as Benedictine.

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