Status of Jerusalem

The Holy City of Jerusalem is sacred to all three faiths of Abraham - Christianity, Islam, and especially Judaism. However, there has been much controversy over the status of Jerusalem - whether it should remain under Israel’s control, whether it should be given to the Palestinians, or whether it should be considered an international city.

What are your views on this matter?

I think International city for everyone would be the best solution, and if the Islamic world objects that then let them dig their prophet history and have Tayma and Khaybar cities in Saudi Arabia returned back to the Arabic Jews…

Sadly, what may be the “best” solution may not be the most popular one for either side.

yep, international city - state, independant of all countries, but supported by those who believe they have a stake in it.

Islamic claims over Jerusalem are a fairly recent invention without credit in their scripture or early traditions.

ISRAEL 100%!

The international idea was part of the 1947 partition. The Arabs rejected it. That bus has sailed.

When the old city was Jordanian, Jews whether Israeli or not were barred from it, including the Western Wall and Mount Zion. Conversely, the Israelis since 1967 have bent in a hoop to uphold everybody’s religious rights there.

The city cannot be divided again. Solomon himself could not make one medium sized city the capital of 2 unfriendly nations.

While it would be just, conceivably for the “Palestine State” to be given other square mileage in compensation, Jerusalem must be Israeli forever.


Anyone who let me enter Jerusalem, I give my support.
If it was under Palestinians control, our Pope would have been kicked out.
The Pope is the leader of the Church, he represent us visiting Jerusalem.

Right there is the key. Whoever is to control Jerusalem must agree to allow all faiths to be practice there, and to allow anyone to enter. The Palestinians might agree on paper to do this in return for being given control of the city, but if you believe them, I have a bridge to sell you. On the other end of the spectrum, internationalization, like in the Tom Clancy book Sum of all Fears, worked, at least in the book, but even in the Jack Ryan universe that solution eventually came apart. In the hands of the Israelis, Jerusalem isn’t working perfectly, but it’s working a heck of a lot better than it would under any different control.

It should remain under Israel’s control. This is true to history and our Judeo-Christian tradition. Give the Jews their city man and let this saga be over please?:shrug:

International city. Everyone should enjoy free access to it’s religious sites.

Everybody already does.

Muslims go to mosque right beside Christians walking the Via Crucis, and Jews cross both enroute to the Western Wall. This under Israeli administration. (I’ve been there).
And, the Israelis are better at keeping it secure than the UN would ever be.


Jerusalem is currently located in the State of Israel and i pray that Israel will remain and i believe that Jerusalem should remain under the control of Israel. under Israel’s control we have access to Jerusalem presently. is Bethlehem also under Israel’s control or is it located in what is now Palestinian territory? i know once a year our parish collects to help preserve and protect the Christian holy sites in Israel.

UN 181 (1947) called for the internationalization of Jerusalem.

The Arabs violently rejected UN 181, illegally seized half of the city, and ethnically cleansed every Jew who lived in the areas that they illegally seized.

The Jews were an overwhelming majority of the population of Jerusalem at the time- as we are today.

Since we reunited our city in 1967, all religions have freedom of access, and that is how it will remain.It will not be internationalized. It will not be divided. It will remain unified under Israeli rule, as Israel’s capital- for everyone’s benefit.

Bethlehem, Bethany and Jericho now lie within PA territory.

Bethlehem and Jerusalem, due to urban expansion, are now side by side; however, there is a wall and checkpoints between them.


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