Status of the Clementine Vulgate

What is the current status of the Clementine Vulgate according to the Vatican? Is it still used, or has it been abrogated? Would it be legal to abrogate it since it was dogmatically defined as the Bible of the Church?

\ Would it be legal to abrogate it since it was dogmatically defined as the Bible of the Church?\

[BThe Council of Trent was actually a plenary council of the LATIN Church, since none of the Eastern Catholic churches were represented.

What is said was that the Vulgate was accepted as definitive in scholarly debate, not infallible. No edition was specified. This by its nature is NOT a dogmatic definition.

And since the Clementine Vulgate came after Trent, it’s hard to say that this was the edition contemplated.

The pericopes in the Missal and Breviary were NEVER conformed to the Clemenetine Vulgate. In fact, frequently texts in the Graduale Romanum were not what were printed in the Missale–yet both have liturgical authority.**

The Council of Trent is defined by both Church and Secular historians as an Ecumenical Council.

At any rate, the 4th session of Trent stated:

In addition Venerable Pius XII stated in his Encyclical Divinio Afflante Spiritu

As far as I know, neither of these have been abrogated.

Laus Deo

It is a heresy to reject either the definitive teachings of the Council of Trent, or the infallible authority of those teachings. All formal heresy carries with it the penalty of automatic excommunication.

The Clementine Vulgate is an edition of the Bible. It is not a provision of Canon Law, and so it cannot be ‘abrogated’. All editions of the Bible, in every language, remain part of the whole set of all versions and editions of Sacred Scripture.

The spiritual authority of the Church teach truths (infallibly or non-infallibly), whereas a decision as to which edition of the Bible will be normative is of the temporal authority. No edition of the Bible has been ‘dogmatically defined’ as the Bible of the Church. Dogmatic definitions refer to truths.

The Clementine Vulgate is still in widespread usages by Bible scholars and those among the faithful who know Latin.

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