Stay or move on

So I’ve been married (civil marriage) for almost 7 years. During that time we had a lot of that’d times, more so than good times. Now after 7 years my wife tells me that she doesn’t want kids. This was a huge shock to me as I told her before we got married that this is a must. She agreed. She led me on for 7 years with excuses 'when we get career jobs, when we move to Virginia, etc.

I don’t know what to do … Move on or forget kids.

It’s hard to stay together as the trust between us is at a all time low. Between cheating, lies, etc. Our marriage is at the lowest it has been .

Should I move on and find another or stick with the marriage and forget kids.

Are there priests on The forum to help answer?

there is an apologetics board somewhere on these forums. they would be the best to ask.

since there has been cheating, and the other is closed to life, i think i would pack up and leave.


You’re not-really-married to someone whose words you don’t believe and whose actions you don’t trust, and who refuses to bear your children, previous promises notwithstanding? On this one, my Magic 8 Ball (Relationship Edition) is giving me a very clear “Leave”.

Did your wife give you any reason for not wanting children? she scared that you both wont be able to cope financially with a child? she worried about how pregnancy may affect her health? she worried she may lose her job if she gets pregnant?..

If you could find out WHY she doesnt want children…then you may be able to reassure her and change her mind…

Also have you guys considered adoption and fostering?..with fostering you could have a child live short term with you both …and you would both get a sample taste of what its like to be a parent…

Also id recommend you ask your priest to refer you both to a catholic counsellor for marriage counselling…

I wouldnt do anything rash like split up…its easy to do something rash…but you both must have loved each other to marry each other and you made lifelong vows to each other…and those vows are for better and for worse and also for life.

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