Staying in Houston - need help! :D


Hello Everyone!

I would REALLY appreciate some help!!! :D

I’m going to be in Houston, TX for a couple of weeks for some work-related training with Honeywell in October. (It was originally supposed to be Phoenix, but Honeywell canceled the program... and said "Sorry for the inconvenience!" - while I'm thinking "What about my non-refundable tickets for the flight!?" ;) )

Anyway, I was hoping for some suggestions about what sort of things I can do in town. I’m traveling with a co-worker, but we have pretty different ideas about what we’d like to do in our spare time. ;) I’ve looked at a few different parish websites and whatnot, but I’d really appreciate a “local’s” suggestion about where I might go – and I don’t know anybody from Houston. Much less a Houston-literate person who cares about their Catholic faith!

So, I was wondering things like: are there any churches that have daily Mass in the evening? Are there any shrines or anything similar for pilgrimage-type visits? Are there any good Catholic bookstores? Does anyone have suggestions for particularly beautiful churches a visiting Catholic might want to visit? And for the weekend – what parishes could someone suggest where they are particularly “reverent” when celebrate the Mass?

I’m not opposed to the extraordinary form of the Mass by any means – I consider myself an orthodox Catholic I suppose. I belong to a semi-traditional (some people call it that anyway!) parish here in Iowa – all of our Masses are celebrated with great love and reverence for the Eucharist – and we have a Latin Mass available on Sundays (I go on occasion.) But any church that celebrates the Novus Ordo Mass with great reverence - or an Eastern Catholic Church who celebrates the Liturgy likewise - would be wonderful too!

I really appreciate any suggestions that any of you might have for me! Thank you very much ahead of time!

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First of all, Houston is huge geographically. Depending on what side of town you will be staying in, somethings will be easier to access than others.

For Sunday Mass, I recommend the Latin NO Mass at Holy Rosary. Houston also has an Anglican Use parish - Our Lady of Walingsham.

Several churches have evening daily Mass. If you are interested in Church architecture, St. John Vianney has a 7pm on Tues and Thurs. It is a modern church but not an ugly one as many in this town are and has beautiful stained glass. For beautiful churches, you should see the new co-cathedral. It's striking.

October is a month where many parishes have their festivals and/or bazzaars.

My favorite Catholic bookstore is actually a little west of town, Little Flower in Katy.


October is a month where many parishes have their festivals and/or bazzaars.

Good idea! You should check the websites of parishes near where you will stay and see if they have any upcoming events. Mine puts on musicals and concerts with beautiful religious music every so often as well.
You should also check out local restaurants too. I’m sure there are some really unique places there.


You did not mention the most important thing in your post: where in Houston will you be located. Houston is very large, geographically.

Are you going to be at the Honeywell center out by the airport (Bush)?

**Lots **of them do. Mass Times or the Diocesan website are your best sources. You can mapquest from your location to various churches.

The new Cathedral downtown is quite marvelous.

Veritas. Hope your credit card has a high limit! :wink:

Annunciation and Holy Rosary downtown, for starters. There are MANY beautiful churches in Houston. It sort of depends upon where you are going to be and what your interests are.

I’ve never been to one in Houston that wasn’t. Again, I** don’t think you grasp how large Houston is**. So, narrow it down a bit as to where you will be located.

You have over a hundred to choose from, and there are several that celebrate the TLM. Also Holy Rosary celebrates the NO in Latin. There is also an Anglican Use parish in Houston if you are curious. And there are various Eastern Rite Churches in Houston as well. I have never been to a parish in Houston that wasn’t reverent. I lived there 15 years and have been to many parishes.

As mentioned in another post St. John Vianney is wonderful-- their parish bazaar is the 2nd Sunday in October and is HUGE. You’ve never seen anything like it. And, SJV is a beautiful church. That was my parish when I lived there.

The Annuncation Greek Orthodox Cathedral church near St. Thomas University is also marvelous, it’s quite beautiful. They also hold their Greek festival in October, 7th through 10th. It’s lots of fun with great food.

And don’t limit yourself to religious excursions. Houston has fantastic museums. The natural science museum (also has a planetarium, Imax, and the Cockrell Butterfly Center).

And, that’s just for starters.


Space Center Houston is fascinating if you are interested in that sort of thing. There are two tours that take you through NASA. Galveston is a nice day trip. I always enjoy taking the ferry across the bay. You can park and walk on. The ride is free.

What part of Houston will you be in?


Shrine of the True Cross is just south of Houston in Dickinson. They church is a modern 70s type but the actual shrine enclosing the pieces of the cross is beautiful, and it's just awesome to see a bit of THE cross. Frs. Paul and Larry both celebrate mass very reverently. I believe they have a parish festival some time in October as well. But just to visit to see the cross is worth it.
I also second Veritas. I could spend the whole day and a whole lotta money there! Everyone who works there is wonderful as well.


the Space Center
the new co-Cathedral downtown, get there for Mass, you have your choice of at least 9 languages

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