Staying, Leaving?


Who is staying in the Church as a faithful Catholic after the scandals an who, if anyone is leaving?

I plan to stay but I feel kind of uncomfortable about staying? Anyone else?


I’m staying. I have no choice. The scandals have not shaken my Faith.

I’m there for God not Man.

Ex-Nuncio Cardinal Viganò Accuses Pope Francis of Not Acting on McCarrick Abuse
How have you managed to remain Catholic?

I’m staying 'til Jesus comes again. Cradle to grave—womb to tomb CATHOLIC!


I would never leave. The doctrine has not changed, and Jesus Christ’s teachings are the truth. It is the Church He founded and He is the Rock. If I’m the last Catholic on Earth I would not desert His ship.


I’m in a good parish, in a good diocese; staying.



That’s Right.


I have struggled for a long time with my faith. I converted 13 years ago and have had some of my worst ups and downs due to my depression and multiple deployments to war. But no matter my doubt I still hold on and the one I hold onto the most is our Mother. She always gets me through and keeps me pointing in the direction her of son. This scandal has shaken me quite a bit but praise be to God I am still catholic and don’t have any plans on leaving. Thanks be to God I have been able to see lately that this if anything shows that the devil is at work and we need to be more loyal to the Church than ever and fight against the devil with our rosaries.


Staying because the Church founded by Christ is greater than any of man’s evils either within or without.

I will not deny the King for the errors of His subjects.


I’m sad and angry, but I’m not leaving.


I am definitely staying! Thanks be to our Lord Jesus Christ for all the graces I received over the years through the sacraments He gives us. Blessed Mother, Pray for all of us!


Where would I go? I won’t leave Jesus because of some sinners.




You are asking this question to non casual Catholics.


You’ll never be the last one. I’ll be right there with you helping to man the ship.


We stay for God, we stay for the Ministry and sacrifice of Jesus. We stay for Pentecost and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit
We don’t desert because we are a bunch of sinners who cannot face each other.

Hate the sin and not the sinner


I am a Catholic because it is the true church Jesus established, who will always be present in the Eucharist. He is my Lord and my God who taught us the truth and who I will be faithful until the end.


Staying. See John 6:68.


Leaving is still a grave sin, no matter the circumstances. God had no stake in what happened, so leaving the Church isn’t gonna fix the problem.


Absolutely me too. :blush:


I’m staying. Israel went through time’s when they’d fallen away, but still Our Messiah came through them. Likewise, the Church has had problems from the get-go, & it still lives after 2K years. The gates of hell have not overcome it - although I dare say, it is under much spiritual assault now.

Time to put in the full armor of God!

I am a spiritually adopted daughter - a daughter of the King, of a royal priesthood, & prophet of God Most High. The Angels are at their posts, & I will not be moved unless He tells me otherwise.

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