Staying up Late / Sleeping In


Would you say that sleeping in for reasons other than say, working a late shift, until 11 in the morning is laziness? What about staying up all night to watch TV? Is it lazy, wrong? Even if Catholic moral teaching says it isn’t wrong, do you agree with sleeping in LATE or staying up all night?


Sloth obviously is. Are you talking about doing it all the time?

I’m an early-to-bed, early-to-rise sort of guy myself, so I don’t personally agree with it myself. That said, I think most people today don’t get enough sleep for a variety of reasons (staying up for television not being one of the better ones), and so when you can get sleep, I actually think it is good for you. $0.02


I hope it isn’t a sin, because that would make CAF a serious near occasion for me.


I don’t know. I’ve never been an early to bed person. It’s really challenging for me to get to sleep. Sometimes, insomnia kicks in to the point where staying up all night is less exhausting than spending hours and hours struggling to sleep. It’s really easy for me to go to sleep at midnight and rise at a reasonable hour (8 to 9 o clock) I don’t think it’s healthy but I do it. I would hate to think it is sinful.


Short of dogma, this is the truest thing I have ever read on this forum. (It is 3:26am here in England. I am in bed, on CAF from my phone.) IT’S NOT SLOTH IF YOU’RE LEARNING ABOUT THE FAITH!!

What if I stayed up all night watching clips of Fulton Sheen? That’s like, a particularly pious sloth, right? :thumbsup:


hee :wink:


If you are able to hold a job as well as stay up all night, more power to you. :rolleyes:

But if you are talking about not working and staying up all night and sleeping all day, then it is a problem.


When my daughter was about six or seven, I told her to go clean her room. About an hour later, I went in to check on her. She wasn’t cleaning, she was reading.

Now generally, we consider reading to be a good thing. But it was getting in the way of doing what she was supposed to be doing.

Is staying up late/sleeping in getting in the way of doing what you are supposed to be doing?

P.S. She wasn’t allowed to read except for school for a week. AND she had to clean her room.:stuck_out_tongue:


My main thought is, by sleeping to 11 or what have you, are you missing something that you should be doing? If your getting the right amount of sleep for your body and not neglecting something I wouldn’t be worried.
And speaking of… It’s time to get some sleep.


I say as long as you are doing everything that you should do during the day, it isn’t sinful. That being said, TV is a huge waste of time if you watch too much of it, if you ask me. Imagine what you could get done if you used that time constructively!


I always joke that because I was born at 9:30-ish P.M. I was meant to be a night owl. :bounce: My first thought outside the womb: I’m here, now the party can start! :dancing: :extrahappy: :dancing:

And I have a terrible time with mornings, :yawn::sleep: unless the sun comes through the window early. Some places I’ve lived were positioned so the windows caught the morning sun better, and it was easier to get up early. Where I live now at certain times in the spring and fall the sun can beam down between my window and the house next door; other times that house blocks some of the sun. Dr. Oz was saying something about our eyes as we age not taking in as much light - that might apply to me.

There are people who have body clocks set wrong and need to incrementally reset them, and some folks with serious sleep disorders, or depression. So I guess one should rule out these if necessary, that might solve the problem and then if one still feels inclined toward sloth and sure that’s what it is, take spiritual steps to overcome it.


I am retired. If I want to stay up half the night and sleep in half the morning, that is what I do. If not, I don’t. I don’t believe God cares one whit what time I go to bed or get up. I think that is the least of his worries. :slight_smile:


I tend to agree with you. A person knows if they’re being lazy, and it doesn’t have to be tied in with sleeping hours. I am a disabled man and tape Mother Angelica’s old talk shows and some other things, and I could be up at 5 AM watching one of them.

I sleep a lot sometimes (like the last three days) and don’t really know why except I suffer from heart disease and anxiety and the medicines are many. I wish I could be working instead of living this life. However, I try to help other people (like here) and make a difference when I can. And I often question myself whether not doing something is laziness or an effect of my disability.

I say, Sleep whenever you want and can, and then do your work. If you can’t work for some reason, try your best to be productive in any other way, and keep in contact with God throughout the day.


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