Stealing or not wasting


Here is the deal.

I ordered food via Uber eats. They delivered the wrong food. They swapped my food and another persons. His was £32 mine £26. I rang the restaurant who tried to get hold of the driver but to no avail. I submitted a complaint through Uber. The restaurant said they could do nothing to help. So the food is going cold so we ate it rather than let it go to waste. My question is is that stealing? I didn’t think it was due to the circumstances…now I am getting a bit unsettled with the possibility.


Not stealing. It wasn’t your fault the orders got messed up. Be at peace.



I’d say it’s not stealing. Sin requires knowledge and consent. You had neither. Furthermore, you made reasonable efforts to rectify the driver’s error.

What was the food, just out of curiosity?


No, it’s not a sin. Even if the driver had come back, would you want to eat food that had been left at another person’s house? I wouldn’t!


Besides, you’re assuming that the other person didn’t just go ahead and eat your meal, figuring they’d never bother using that Uber stuff again.

And yes, what was it that you ordered that cost only £26 delivered? Chinese? Pizza? Bangers and Mash with some Bubble and Squeek on the side?


Also, not to be “that person”, but in some jurisdictions, you can’t swap out restaurant food, or the restaurant has to discard it.
I’ve gotten the wrong thing in the drive thru, and they just replace it, but they can’t take back what they already gave me and give it to another customer because of hygiene reasons. Even if they could see I didn’t lick it or sneeze on it.


You didn’t steal.


Thank you for posting on here regularly Father. It’s great to have a priest to put our minds at rest xx peace be with you


Thanks That’s put my mind to rest

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