When I was little like 6 or 7 I stole so me stuff, not from a store, but from people, but like little things that they would probably never notice, but I wanted and I was young and just didn’t think, and I’m pretty sure that’s a mortal sin, should I just ask God for forgiveness or confession(which I’ll have to wait until I convert to go)

In order to commit a mortal sin one must have three things: serious matter, sufficient reflection and full consent of the will. From your post it sounds as if you have none of the above.

If you stole a few small things it is hardly serious matter. If you didn’t know at the time that it was sinful you neither thought about it a lot nor gave full consent to severing your relationship with God by committing a mortal sin.

Telling God you are sorry should be sufficient.

Not to me i`m FUMING!!!

Sorry… i`m sure the post above is more than correct…

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