Stefan Permskij - missionary to Ugo-Finish peoples


Stefan Permskij 1340-1395 was son of Russian father and of Zyran mother (ugo Finish people now living in Komi). He went to them in Siberia, at that time beyond Moskow lands. He had to make an zyran alfabeta based on Greek alfabeta, translated Holy Scriptures in to Zyran and also litrugical books.

At first great opposition, Zyran people try to burn him alive, but cannot keep hold of such humble saint. He had famous argment with Pama, the pagan priest of that time, and convinced people that Christian faith better. Their holy pagan tree was the site of the temple of St. Michael Arkangl that he built. Finally, he has by his humility and love of Zyran people brought them into Holy Orthodox faith. Today Komi (land of Zyran) is large part of Siberian lands now part of Russia and there are people now returning to Orthodox faith given them by such missionary after so many years of militant atheistic suppression of Christian faith.

In English he’s called St. Stephen of Perm.

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