Stem Cell Doctor Treating COPD and Emphysema WIth Adult Stem Cells

An adult stem cell research doctor is now effectively treating patients with Chronic Pulmonary Obstructive Disease (COPD) and Emphysema- with the patient’s own Adult Stem Cells. See more details at Adult Stem Cell Research

This shows that people can treat illnesses without killing innocent human beings. There is absolutely no reason for embryonic stem cell research.


This link does not show that. The link just says that such treatment is being offered by a foreign doctor at a foreign clinic. There is no data at all demonstrating efficacy in the short term or long term, no controlled studies versus placebo, no safety data, etc.

There is absolutely no reason for embryonic stem cell research

Yes, this is what Mr. Margolis wants us to think.

I am wondering, what is it you think? Do you believe that ESCR is the only way? Do you believe that ESCR is working? Do you think that ESCR has been effective enough for the USA to keep funding it with federal money? Where is your proof that ASCR is not the way? Where is your proof that ASCR has not worked? Where is your proof that ASCR has been ineffective to not fund in the USA with federal money?

If ESCR had half the promise that its supporters claimed then private research would be all over it. Why do you think it requires government funding to go forward - anyone that’s carefully examined the data has concluded its a poor second to ASCR at best and a method to virulent forms of cancer at worst. Human trials scheduled in the US this spring were canceled/delayed for the same reason they’ve had all along - cancer.

I don’t think any of those things. I think there is a lot of promise for stem cell research of both kinds - adult and embryonic - but that much more research needs to be done. A couple times a week, this Mr. Margolis person posts topics promoting the use of adult stem cells as treatments for all kinds of things. When one tries to look at any data that might be available to support such claims, one finds there is either little objective scientific support for what he promotes, or none. Last week, for instance, he was promoting stem cell treatment of cerebral palsy - something that is clearly medical quackery, based on the absolute lack of any supportive research or even scientific rationale. I think this is not just dishonest but irresponsible, as many people with incurable disease fall victim to people who deceptively give them false hope about very dubious treatments.

You do know that ESCR has only yielded deadly tumors and nothing else. ASCR has proven very effective in lab animals and in humans who have used it. The thing is our very backward culture will not allow the public to see this. ESCR is the only way according to our government and to heck with what has been proven to work in the field of ASCR. This will be our countries lose as other countries have already found the benefits in this areas and are already using it to help many people.

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