Stem Cell Research- Replacing Need For Orthopedic Surgery in USA

A doctor in Colorado is now treating patients with their own Adult Stem Cells for broken bones, knee injuries, and osteoarthritis- the FDA is taking exception to this. See the Adult Stem Cell Research story here

More proof that people who matter ( researchers, doctors, and patients ) are using what works. Let the politicians and mass media waste their time on that other nonsense. Real cures are happening now, despite the hype about embryonic cells.

Our grandson is 24 & after an injury & surgery his knee problems became worse. He was just treated by having his own stem cells which had been somehow grown in a lab for him put into his knee. Amazing science using the person’s own adult stem cells. Praise the Lord.

Poor MJF. He and others are still deluding themselves with empty promises, whil mimizing real results…
Sad. Lets all pray for Michael J Fox. Despite being misled, his motives seem well placed.

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