Stem Cell Research Trials in the USA for Heart Disease- Not Fast Enough

While some stem cell research trials using Adult Stem Cells for heart disease make for great headlines and good posts in Catholic Answers :)----

We don’t hear about the millions of heart patients who have had heart attacks and/or congestive heart failure and don’t get to participate in these clinical trials- and are left to suffer. The US FDA isn’t helping them with their stance on Adult Stem Cells.

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Because it’s adult stem cells. That’s the real shame. Public pressure on media may help this cause, but the media is not for adult stem cell or even cure…they are all about pushing the fetal stem cell agenda. More reasons to pray

Especially for those who are affected by the leading cause of death in America…heart disease.

Regarding the FDA stance of treating the Adult Stem Cell treatments as a drug that requires further studies before approving…Is this stance the same for the fetal stem cell?:shrug:

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