Stem Cell Research- Woman must go to Argentina for Adult Stem Cell Treatment that helps improve her quality of life

A multiple sclerosis patient went all the way to Argentina to receive stem cell research using Adult Stem Cells. She was accompanied by her son who describes the whole experience in details and finishes with this salvo - 2 weeks after her stem cell treatment:

It’s been around two weeks since my mom had her treatment; so it’s too soon for the stem cells to complete their repair function, but we’re already seeing some dramatic changes. The MS had affected mainly my mom’s balance and coordination. She could not really walk without a cane anymore and constantly swerved to the sides, bumping against objects in her path if unassisted.

To my amazement (and that of all our other family members), she was rather quick on her feet yesterday (the day prior to this post) when we paid her a visit. She wasn’t swerving to the sides and didn’t use a cane at all while we were with her.

It’s a truly amazing change given her previous condition. I can’t wait to see what other changes lie in store for her and thank God for all the blessings bestowed upon her so far.

For those of you who have family members suffering from multiple sclerosis, diabetes, or any other condition for which the** traditional medical community doesn’t have a cure and probably no financial interest to find one**

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Its great that adult stem cells were able to help this woman. Hopefully stories like this will help persuade people that we really should not be doing research with embryonic stem cells.

What will it take for this type of news to be spread around the US? We need to do our
part and write letters to the editor at the very least.
I am praying for help from the ASCs for Type 1 Diabetes for my grandson. It’s a shame
that money for this and other “safe” research is having research monies syphioned for
the ESCs.

Yep, adult stem cells have been proven to be effective but as far as I know, embryonic stem cells have not. Coincidence? I think not. God didn’t design the stem cells that they get from murdered babies to heal.

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