Stem cell research


I’m very confused over this subject. I know that the availability of embryonic stem cells is in itself wrong. BUT…if an embryo is “made” with the hope of future life and that “life” is never permitted to go beyond conceptive, embryonic existance, then, how can it be ignored that the possibility of** life** through “cure” via stem cell assistance be wrong? A sacrifice of one to save millions. Sound familiar?

I’m VERY confused about this. Please help me make sense of this!


Dear M,

First of all, if an embryo is conceived, it is a human being and may not be used like a junkyard auto for its parts—no matter how many people may stand to benefit from this. We, as human beings, do not have the right to determine that someone else (who is our equal) should be sacrificed for the many. Only God, as the author of life, has that right.

It is possible that a frozen embryo to be implanted in a woman’s womb to develop and be born. The Church has not forbidden this and some Catholic women have employed this method to save such embryos from dieing. Otherwise, they will eventually die in the frozen state.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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