Stem Cell Treatment Gets Man Out of Wheelchair and Out of Depression

A young Texas man traveled to Costa Rica to get stem cell treatment done using Adult Stem Cells. The man had been in a wheelchair for 10 years, but is now able to walk using a walker after the stem cell therapy and research. Please see the link at Stem Cell Research

I think it’s great.

There’s nothing wrong with stem cell therapy, as long as the stem cells themselves are not made from scrambled utero-Americans.


Don’t let the misinformation steal away the Truth!

No babies should ever die so i can live a few more days!

Embryonic stem cell research has resulted in 0 cures, adult stem cells are producing hundreds of cures as we speak, yet the current administration is throwing away Milllions of $$$$$$$$$$$ in the name of political correctness!

Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, Ora Pro Nobis Peccatoribus!


The accomplishments of non embryonic stem cells are astonishing.:slight_smile:

Wonderful news!:thumbsup:

Can we please stop with the ‘political correctness’? Did I miss the the publication of U.S. Government Guide to Political Correctness for all United States Citizens?

There are a group of people, experts, who are either denying human embryos are human beings or don’t care.


Adult Stem Cells = Good.
Embryonic Stems Cells = Bad.

Aaron Esco

hmm… never heard of tht kind of hyphenated american before… Good one…

and adult stem cells are BETTER than those from the unborn anyway…

somethign the Left doesn’t want you to know, of course… They don’t want you to know anything… except their propaganda… whether it makes sense or not…

i don’t even see how it could make sense to the ungodly much less anyone else… its almost like some people just want to kill babies and that’s that… weird…

like when A coulter reported that many in NARAL didn’t even want anasthesia for the unborn…

that takes the freaking cake… :mad:


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