Stem Cell Trial- 1 out of 3 million get the help they need

Another Adult Stem Cell Trial-- another heart disease patient improves his heart and quality of life with his own adult stem cells, a medicine with no side effects. This isn’t a big surprise- however, as I’ve said before, what about the millions of Americans (and others ) with heart disease who can’t get this treatment- either they can’t get it in the USA because of the FDA or they don’t have the means to travel abroad.

A person with better writing skills than I says it perfectly and has something to say about the people at the FDA- and one can argue that they are actually costing lives by not making adult stem cells available:

It is only in the last couple of years that clinical trials have started for autologous stem cell therapies in the US. Or, to put it another way, for some time now unelected and largely unaccountable employees of the US government have forbidden US residents - on pain of criminal prosecution - from offering or making their own decisions about a medical technology commercially available elsewhere in the world. All the while, these bureaucrats impose vast costs on medical development concerns by insisting on largely pointless trials, continuing far past any reasonable trade-off between risk and reward, thereby greatly postponing the commerical introduction of these technologies in the US.

Do you have responsibility for, or even the ability to make your own medical choices? Not according to people in positions of power at the FDA. Regulation in medicine has largely become an exercise undertaken for its own sake, as is the end result of any centralization of power. No-one’s interests are being served save for those of the career bureaucrats in charge of forbidding new things. Everyone else gets to suffer due to the ball and chain shackled to medical progress, and due to being forbidden the basic, fundamental freedom to choose how to treat their own medical conditions.

Now ask yourself, why can’t anyone with heart disease and the necessary funds just up and do the research on the treatment and choose to try this within the borders of the US? Because a faceless bureaucrat has decided that it is forbidden, and that anyone who offers this treatment must be jailed. Welcome to the land of the free.

See the whole story at Adult Stem Cell Research

Is your point that people should routinely receive medical treatments which have not been proven safe or effective? I don’t think that is a medically or ethically responsible thing to promote. You say that research into the use of stem cells in cardiomyopathy is not being done “within the borders of the US” due to the decision of a “faceless bureaucrat.” This is manifestly wrong - just by clicking on your own link, one can see that the patient who claimed improvement received his treatment at the University of Louisville as part of a phase 1 trial (a study of safety, not efficacy) there. Plus, by simply searching thru (try it) , one can find all kinds of basic research into the issue being done here in the USA, some of it promising for sure.

I do hope that we have more and more success with adult stem cells. I am happy with the promise they show. I hope supporters of embryonic stem cell research realize that we should just focus on adult stem cells, which present no moral issues as killing an innocent human being is not necessary to collect them and which seem to have a lot of potential, some of which has already been documented.

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