Stem Cells "Miraculously" Help Spinal Cord Injury Patient

Stem Cell Research Helps SCI Patient Improve Quality of Life

A European woman who suffered a spinal cord injury says that stem cell research is working "miraculousy" after receiving the therapy in Russia. The treatment used adult stem cells taken from her bone marrow. Vlada Kravchenko, 18, of Malta who was paralyzed by a spinal cord injury when a lighting structure fell on her, says that the stem cell therapy has helped her to crawl and wants to return to Russia for more treatments in hopes for more improvement.

Her mother said the recovery process had been miraculous, adding that her daughter had to train herself to walk like a child, starting from crawling and working her way up.

"We're going to have to do it all over again, but we will manage," she said.

Vlada was quick to add that the treatment does not work by itself. "You cannot sit down, watch TV, and expect to heal. I have to do exercises every day. Unfortunately, in Malta we don't have the kind of rehabilitation centres you find abroad - so I have to make do with what we have."

Besides the medical fees, there are several risks involved when her bone marrow cells are extracted and placed into her damaged spinal cord to stimulate nerve reconstruction. Some scientists have argued the stem cells can become cancerous.
"I wasn't a blind sheep. I asked the doctors questions about everything so I was absolutely informed. The risks are very minimal compared with the results I'm getting. Besides, with every type of treatment there will always be risks, but I would do it anyway," she said.

Remarkable Progress For SCI Patients USING ADULT STEM CELLS
Vlada is in contact with an American girl who had a similar SCI injury. The American girl is apparently on her 9th treatment and has made remarkable progress. This is noteable as I always say that adult stem cell therapy is a treatment that helps improve the quality of life in patients. It is rarely a cure.

I think most patients realize this, but the media and research scientists create a strawman and say that these stem cell companies claim amazing cures.

Patients like Justin McCray, another spinal cord injury patient, who has returned to school after stem cell treatment, know that the stem cells do not cure, but they do help.

Also, there are some research studies that show stem cells do help improve SCI injuries. For example, there is this research study showing how stem cells help improve the quality of life in spinal cord injury patients.

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:bible1:his practice is against Catholic teachings!:slapfight:

The Church does not object to adult stem cells only embryonic stems cells which destroys human life.

[quote="Heavens_Flowers, post:2, topic:184267"]
:bible1:his practice is against Catholic teachings!:slapfight:


Adult stem cells is our future and it does not destroy a life like embryonic stem cells.

I love these stories, now if only everyone can see these break throughs and stop promoting the killing of embryos to look for cures.

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