Step told ANOTHER lie


Ugh, I’m sick at heart. First my 23-yr-old military stepson told his dad a whopper about taking an online degree course at our U (which doesn’t offer any such course). I posted about this a couple weeks ago.

Now, he tells us this: My husband and I are shooters and I have a concealed carry permit. Today, step’s home on leave and he said he was “sent” a concealed carry permit at his base which is in another state. I said, did you apply? and he said no, they just sent it to him and to some other guys from our state.

This is just wrong. Only the sheriff can issue these and even though military are automatically qualified, they do have to apply. The sheriff confirmed that to me. Step hasn’t even qualified on pistol yet after 3 years in the mil and I’m not sure what the problem is.

My husband wants us to all go shooting together at our club practice this week but I just want to go hide.

What do you do with someone like this? We’re not very close, but we get along and I think sometimes he’s trying to impress me. Hubby wants to believe everything he says.



“Hun, that’s interesting. I wonder if the one they give military people is different from the civilian one”

Whip out your permit.

“So, what’s your’s look like”

You never know, maybe he has one.


I asked him to show it to me and he said he left it at the base.

I wish I were quicker on my feet, because when I hear something like this I’m stunned, when I should probe more and show the lie for what it is.

Part of me is screaming Aiyeee! he’s pathological!


Let him get caught in his own lies; he will. He’ll get caught without your disproving his stories. Then he can deal with having disappointed his dad.

If you continue to check out his lies, your husband may become upset with you.


You poor dear! You have GOT to stop letting this kid eat you alive, 'cause that’s what he’s doing with his lies.

Is there any place you can lie low until he’s left? He really gets up your hackles.

In the meantime, as much fun as it would be to attend this jolly outing, I suggest you stay home and let Sonny go with Daddy. They need time to catch the lie, I mean, bond, without you there.


Once again a breath of fresh air, good solid commonsense, from this informed poster who has my respect for from all I’ve read.

If Hubby believe all his son says, sooner or later the penny will drop. The young fellow has problems that need resolving. May God arrange that!
Can you protect yourself by some gentle means of detachment until that happens. The son is only a potential wedge between you as things stand. You don’t deserved all this stress.

Best wishes, Trishie


:blush: Thank you.


Yup, I’m pretty much detached all the time when he’s around. And I already have my excuse figured out for Wednesday…:wink:

But what I fear is that after he gets out of the mil in 2 years, dad’s going to want him to live us with “while he’s in college” which I know he cannot handle. He barely made it through high school. He can read but he can’t write, and his math is terrible. Our university does not do much remedial anymore, and even if it did you have to work hard to catch up enough to do college-level. You have to be really motivated. He blamed his math problems on the teacher.

If he can make a go of it in college, I’d do anything for him, but I’m afraid he’s going to pretend to be trying until we find out…then what.

But I know, I have to worry about that if and when it happens.


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