Stephen A. Smith: Suspended by ESPN for Domestic Violence Remarks


Unfortunate and dangerous comments by Mr. Smith. Good for ESPN for the suspension. Perhaps it should have been for a longer period.


I think we are hearing that Whoopi Goldberg said similar. So this becomes another witch hunt by the politically correct.

Apparently, it is being referenced there are video cameras inside the elevator that caught what happened previously. The NFL may have seen those videos unlike the public.


Perhaps he should have been fired. Fired and flogged. Then we could tar and feather him. After all, he said something stupid and we can’t let that happen. EVER!!!




By itself his comments shouldn’t be cause for termination. He isn’t the greatest speaker but we understand his point and a clarifying apology should have been enough.

But these sorts of comments aren’t ever taken in isolation. Similar comments are also made by people who really do blame women for instigating men. So it’s not hard to see why the comments touch a nerve. But I don’t see any evidence for Smith actually having those intentions. Popular media tends to have a zero tolerance policy for these sorts of things.

Evaluate the context. This is a problem virtually across the board. In the same way that Smith’s comments aren’t the same as someone who uses the same words to actually blame women for getting themselves abused, “cracker” isn’t the same as “******” and it has a different context depending on the speaker. This idea that all words are the same regardless of context is the problem. Words are meant to convey ideas. Using the same words, we can convey very different ideas depending on context. To an extent, it’s a speakers fault for using words which are easily misunderstood but it’s also the listeners fault when those words are taken out of context.


Oh I’m pretty sure he’s said plenty of stupid things on air before. He’s an ESPN sports pundit, after all.


Yep, and I can’t stand to listen to him talk, either.




Unless, of course, it is something stupid said about Christians in general (Catholics in particular), George W. Bush, Sarah Palin, the Tea Party, etc. Then it is heralded as virtuous.


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