Stephen Colbert, Cardinal Dolan Tell Fordham Students Catholic Life Should Be About Joy

In a rare public moment out of character, comedian Stephen Colbert told students at the Jesuit Fordham University on Friday that he loves the Roman Catholic Church no matter its human flaws.


Interesting article, but the comments afterward are full of typical Catholic bashing.

People confronted with the Truth often try to defend their preconceptions, often violently. It’s easier to destroy than to change… unless the changes are easier then the status quo of course, in which case people are all for them >_>

Here’s the NY Times version…

I love Colbert, I want to add another quote from this article:

Colbert, who has taught Sunday school classes to school-age children, said people in comedy often don’t understand how he could remain Catholic. But he said he views the church as teaching joy, which he called the "infallible sign of the presence of God."

Emphasis mine.

I see no contradiction between being a faithful Catholic and taking joy from my faith- we are Catholics after all, NOT Puritans. I once heard of a bishop who refused to confirm anybody who wasn’t smiling at the time- faith should be a joyous experience to my mind-it’s why i always paint my favourite patron saint, St.Priscilla, smiling even in the face of martyrdom.
Unlike Ned Flanders in “The Simpsons”, I see no reason to be dour and gloomy all the time!


It’s refreshing to me everytime I hear the humor and wit of Cardinal Dolan. I know as I strive to continue to grow and live my faith, I often become way to serious and forget about the great gift of humor that our Lord has given me. It’s using humor in proper ways, as I believe Cardinal Dolan does, that will be my challenge. It’s easy to laugh at myself, I’ll just start there!

I have never found Colbert even remotely funny and feel he does more harm, than good. It seems he is trying to do good–yet not so sure about that either.

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