Stephen Colbert Retires ‘Stephen Colbert.’ Please Welcome ‘Stephen Colbert.’

NY Times:

Stephen Colbert Retires ‘Stephen Colbert.’ Please Welcome ‘Stephen Colbert.’

To hear Stephen Colbert tell it, his famous “Stephen Colbert” character is dead and never coming back. Now please give a warm welcome to his new TV persona, “Stephen Colbert.”Mr. Colbert, the comedian and host of “The Late Show” on CBS, made the head-spinning announcement early Thursday morning during a live broadcast of the program that followed the third night of the Democratic National Convention.
Now let’s try to unpack what he meant.
For more than a decade, during the 10-season run of his Comedy Central program “The Colbert Report” and on “The Daily Show,” Mr. Colbert had played the role of a character called Stephen Colbert, a fatuous, self-obsessed conservative political commentator.

Last year, when Mr. Colbert became the new host of “The Late Show” (succeeding David Letterman), he dropped the facade and has been hosting this program as himself, an all-around entertainer who still enjoys a good political wisecrack.
But in a live “Late Show” broadcast after the Republican National Convention last week, Mr. Colbert revived this character, playing him in a comedy sketch with Jon Stewart and in a desk-side comedy monologue called “The Word,” also taken from “The Colbert Report.”
On Thursday, Mr. Colbert — the real one — explained that these segments did not play so well with certain “corporate lawyers” that he declined to specify.
“Because — and this is true — immediately after that show, CBS’s top lawyer was contacted by the top lawyer from another company to say that the character Stephen Colbert is their intellectual property,” he said.
Mr. Colbert added that this was “surprising, ’cause I never considered that guy much of an intellectual.”

He went on to say that, “with a heavy heart,” the Stephen Colbert character who hosted “The Colbert Report” will “never be seen again.”
After jeers and shouts of “No!” from his audience, Mr. Colbert said with some sarcasm that his hands were tied. “I cannot reasonably argue I own my face or name,” he said.
Then Mr. Colbert went on to introduce his new Stephen Colbert alter ego, described as the “identical twin cousin” of the person he will never play again. He also performed a comedy bit that was nearly identical to “The Word,” but was instead titled “Werd.”

O the joys of IP law!
Somehow I don’t think he’ll get away with “The Werd” segment.

Do they own the character or the pronunciation? The original pronunciation is not “coal-bear”, maybe if he uses the character with his name, the name “Coal-burt”, the original pronunciation of his name, he could keep the character.

I hope he does try it. It will be interesting to see a case on this play out since the line between the character of Stephen Colbert and the person of Stephen Colbert is so blurred. I mean yes certain bits are likely the IP of Comedy Central. But much of what made of the character itself is integral to the man.

It’s a French name. It is col-behr

No, his real name was actually pronounced “coal bert” That was his actual name until his show.

That’s like Teresa Joo DICE or Teresa Joo DICHAY

It’s a matter of pronouncing it like your culture, not how pothers have always said it.

I would think he would pronounce it the same way his parents do…:blush: “coal bert.” If that’s how one’s family pronounces it, it doesn’t matter how your culture used to pronounce it.

Colbert is Irish. Like many good Anglo Norman names that came to Ireland over the centuries and became “Irish” over time, the names kept their English pronunciations and didn’t inexplicably become French for ending in “ert,” much like Hurlbert, Cuthbert, etc.

You’re wrong, Pianist Claire, you’re wrong.

Well, while I mean absolutely no disrespect toward didymus for the OP, I simply do not care about this. As long as there are people starving in this world and as long as we are called to know, love, and serve God to the best of our ability, I don’t think anyone should give two hoots about Stephen Colbert’s name.

I know this was meant to be a light-hearted thread, but I couldn’t resist the soapbox haha.

May God bless you all! :slight_smile:

Then why did you choose to waste your time here? :shrug:

I just happened to be watching his show last night – a fairly rare occurrence – and I thought it was a hoot that his name (regardless of how it’s pronounced) and likeness are considered the intellectual property of anyone other than himself.

Is he the subject of something like “The Truman Show,” owned by a corporation?

It’s one thing to say he can’t use the names “The Word” or “The Colbert Report” on his show. But to say the character, who is really just him being himself, belongs to them is pretty outrageous.

That’s like my school district saying to me, “You sing and play the piano in our school, you talk with funny accents, you sometimes refer to yourself as ‘Mrs. Mudd’ – if you go to another school district, we’ll sue you if you do those things there.”

Seriously??? What’s their point in even filing a cease-and-desist? Are they planning on having another actor recreate that role? Or is this just a power play?

OK. SO sorry I’m fluent in French. Sorry if my posts offend you.

Also, you could at least bother to SPELL my name correctly.

I guess we should use the old Gaelic for my husbands name as well. :rolleyes:
WE all know he started the pronunciation as a gag on his show.
I was merely commenting on how is should be pronounced as a French word.

Tough crowd. Hope you feel better now.

Arrogant know-it- all. Get a damned life and how about NOT making 1,000 a day.

I did, in fact lash out at you (still am) because I have tried to give applicable advice but you are forever insisting that you know everything. On seemingly every thread on here!

Go merde yourself. It is people like you that make this site unbearable at times as just a cesspool of holier-than-thou jackanapes.

And though I am ranting, I have a pretty freaking good life: I am *just insecure enough to tell you off- b!+<h !

[you may report and get me banned, now, please. Just thought you deserved my ire :wink: ]

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