Stephen Hawking - His religious beliefs?


Does anyone have any insightful links or resources to Stephen Hawking’s religious beliefs? Especially the lates ones…

PS: I don’t think there’s a chance but there was an interview w/ Saul Pasternak (his driver) and Hawking in the Jewish weekly “Jerusalem” (22 December, 2006), p. 26. If anyone could get hold of that copy somehow or knows someone who buys this weekly, if would be very helpful.

Many thanks for your help!


As far as I know, he’s an atheist.


Why do you think so?

Now, lest anyone be confused, let me state that Hawking strenuously denies charges that he is an atheist. When he is accused of that he really gets angry and says that such assertions are not true at all. He is an agnostic or deist or something more along those lines. He’s certainly not an atheist and not even very sympathetic to atheism.

from: Henry F. Schaefer III - Stephen Hawking, the Big Bang, and God


Any referenced source of his quotes about his religious beliefs would be appreciated :slight_smile:


My apologies, I do not have any specific quotes or sources, but it is my own (highly subjective) personal view that sometimes Hawking seems as if he wants to admit the existence of God, as if he is having difficulty with some of the mental gymnastics that the atheist (ok then agnostic/deist) are required to go through.

But again, that’s just my own take.


He is a agnostic, he does not believe in the Christian God and that was one of the reasons for the divorce from his wife.
But he is not a strong atheist and he toys with deism a lot.
Some of his theories and philosophical arguments can be taken straight out St Thomas Aquinnas. Like is General Theory of Everything, that should be like reading the mind of GOD if ever done.


Is Stephen Hawking the disabled one in the wheel chair w/ the voice simulator? There’s that Hawking, and then there’s another Hawking who’s a staunch atheist in the same league w/ Christopher Hitchens (I believe he even wrote one of those anti-God books that have been all rage recently). I get them confused.

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Stephen Hawking: physicist, agnostic with ALS.

Richard Dawkins: Biologist, atheist with Dr. Who Hottie


So Mr Dawkins is not going out with Ms Garrison of South Park?
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I am constantly reminded in online discussions of the cultural disadvantage I have put myself in by not watching South Park.

Nevertheless, I somehow manage to live with myself.

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