Stepping up!


All: For the last several years, I have been a mediocre/cafeteria Roman Catholic. Like many fellow Catholics I know, very indifferent and unknowledgeable of my faith. In the last several years, I feel I have deepened my faith through spiritual reading, daily Mass, the sacraments, daily prayer, joining a Catholic fellowship group, going on retreats, staying faithful to reading the Magnificat, etc…also the fact my wife converted to Catholicism from Protestantism and having six children and understanding the importance of a faith life. I would call myself a traditional Catholic who feels that being more reverent is better than be less reverent in all things (for example, I genuflect before I take the Eucharist by the tongue where others in my parish do not…I know that many take by hand very reverently and do not think that it can’t be done this way reverently but feel it is ‘safer’ to keep any of the particles of Our Dear Lord from falling by taking by the tongue—and many even Nuns in my kid’s school seem to frown on it, also when I can, go to Tradition Latin Mass). But until the last couple months, I have realized that I must make a real commitment to God. This was, I believe spurred on by reading two great books (M. Kelly’s, Rediscovering Catholicism and Fr. L. Richard’s, Be a Man!). I believe that means, making God/my Catholic faith first in all things and truly living this way. I will continue to read and learn as much of my Faith as possible and will start the Bible this next year, get to daily Mass, (my wife & I will start homeschooling also) and the other things (sacraments) that I did before. (many in our area, feel that just showing up for Church & going to a Catholic school is well more than enough) I feel it may just be the realization that is the change. Fr. Richard says, I think, really getting to know Jesus. Having a real relationship with Him. Do fellow Catholic searchers out there have any other suggestions to add as I make this real commitment to Our Lord? Can I do more in my vocation as a husband and father? Our Faith is so rich and deep I know that there is much to do.

God bless you on your journey and His peace to you and yours this Christmas season. Thanks in advance for any suggestions that you can offer.




Let me correct myself, I do believe that many do & can receive the Eucharist by hand reverently. My bad.


Good for you! God bless you. I'm a traditionalist type, myself. Are your children young, yet?

There are so many things you can do to deepen your faith. Self denial, as you are trying right now, is a great step. Did you ever read Imitation of Christ? If you ever did, one of the big things you can do in helping to deny yourself before God is fasting and abstinence.

God bless you on your journey. :gopray:


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