Sterilization and the Catholic Church


Hello, this is my first post here. My husband and I completed RCIA last year, and are set to receive our first communion on Friday evening this week, as well as a blessing of our marriage. We are to go to our first confession prior to the ceremonies.

My question is – my husband had a vasectomy awhile back. Obviously this is something he will confess at our first confession. But from what I am reading now, sexual relations are to be engaged in only for the purpose of creating new life. So what does that mean for us? No more sexual relations? How does that work if one has a vasectomy prior to entering the Catholic Church?

Thank you for any guidance!


Congratulations and welcome home!

Once your husband confesses his vasectomy and receives absolution all is well. You will be able to engage in normal marital relations.

The teaching of the CC states marital relations must be ordered to procreation and marital unity. The fact that your husband had a vasectomy prior to becoming Catholic does not cancel the purpose of the marital act. As long as you both are open to life, should it happen even with the vasectomy, and use to marital act as unitive you have nothing to worry about.


Oh good. Thank you…that makes me feel much better! I appreciate you responding!


Yep – what Horton said. To be clear: Sexual relations are NOT “to be engaged in only for the purpose of creating new life.”

You can have sex with your spouse because you want to express love – even without giving a thought to creating new life. But as mentioned, you must not intentionally circumvent the procreative aspect to exclude the possibility of new life.
That is why vasectomy etc. is wrong. But confession will rectify the error. Yay! And welcome in advance.


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